How to get a Dell laptop with English windows and Qwerty keyboard in France

I tried to order a laptop from and have it delivered in France just to be told Dell UK only serves the UK region.

Does anybody have experience in getting a Dell laptop with English windows and Qwerty keyboard in France?

Well that helps no end. Cheers Steve :)


I'm travelling in UK and have only just seen this thread but if you are still stuck, I am an authorised Dell reseller and can get you a PC in English from Dell France. Please send me a direct message if I can help


thank you carl i shall contact you

you are very kind

Peter thank you but

i dont want keyboard only but laptop english

and i dont care about it being dell or not

i just want to replace my laptop with an english laptop

surely there must be somewhere on this forum to place an ad asking if anyone has english laptop for sale second hand or whatever

anyone know at all how to post a thread asking if someone has laptop for sale please?

Dell Bordeaux used to customise computers to the clients needs. I have friends who have bought two systems with all the UK specs. I assume they still do the same for non-french ?

CLICK HERE for a link to Amazon UK. I have pre-selected 15"-16" laptops between £150 and £250 and if you look down the left hand side of the page you will see they are all AmazonGlobal Eligible which means they should all post here.

My details are all here (on the contact us page) but if you want to email me use

If you do send it then make sure it is in a well padded package and just to be clear, I dont want anything and will post it back even if I cannot get any data from it.

ps, Don't call at the moment, We are watching Mad Max.

sorry brian but i just dont get it

i may be being very stupid i admit it

but i have tried priceminster in google and got french site so i tried to get priceminister uk but getting same french site

do you know what i can do please? otherwise french is the same problem

AZERTY keyboard and french system on laptop

is there a priceminster uk at all please?


i have just been on to priceminster and it is all french so french keyboards

You need to contact the Dell office in Bordeaux. They can (or used to anyway) supply UK keyboards etc.

the hard drive has been taken out and i have it ready in plastic bag

do you mean you can slave it to see if it can be read

i have info about it

please can i call you

can you pm me please with a telephone number so i can call you to explain it and what i know about it please or email me with your tel number

i am

i really appreiciate all your help

thank you

i am destroyed about all this

thank you brian

will try Priceminster as you suggest but what link above - sorry do not see a link for them

can you possibly send me a link

plus is there anywhere that i can set up a thread on this forum to ask if someone has one for sale second hand maybe

thank you for all your help and all in this community helping each othe

The ones in UK are lenovo for 200 pounds but this comes loaded with malware like fish something that must be de installed but apparently still leaves claws in system

Minor detail and certainly the least of your worries. Buy with confidence from Lenovo.

RE: The dead laptop. If you'd like to remove and mail me the hard drive (me or YouTube can instruct you how to do this) I'll recover what I can if the drive is still functional.

If the drive is not destroyed then recovery of data is simple. If you do not want to trust a third party then I'm sure, after you get a new laptop, somebody can guide you through the process.

thank you brian but all the software stays in french from amazon france

can change keyboard and language on start up but software etc in french even if i attach english keyboard to it

so for example if i have a problem with laptop then all software solutions as well as buttons remain in french

i dont care about it being dell or other make

lenovo are great but comes bloated with sinister malware called superfish and ever if de install then it leaves claws in system

so if i buy lenovo french version then even to do a de install it all stays in french so cannot look for repair or delete programs or upload - it all stays in french apart from internally it becomes english keyboard and language

i need one that is all english completely

minimum spec is15 inch screen or bigger, dual process chip processor pref pentium but any good one will do, at least 2GB RAM or more and 160GB hard drive or more with dvd re writer

my last one was ACER ASPIRE 5735Z

here is link to see the spec

I was very happy with it but violent drunk destroyed it

it had my whole life on it including the irreplaceable photos and videos of my beloved and deceased dog on hard drive

I am heart broken and desperate too

now i need to replace lap top

how can i advertise on here to ask if anyone has one to sell me maybe

if i buy from amazon uk they sting me too for exchange rate plus delivery and it makes it very expensive too expensive for me

thank you so much

OK, try Priceminster as per the link above. They seem to have the best offer. No problem with your card either with them.

Sorry. Actually, right I looked and there are no Dells on offer in France on Amazon. There are others, a Lenovo

an Asus hybrid

Then Priceminster have a few, see

Lots of people are simply getting bluetooth keyboards, my wife has one for her AZERTY laptop or the keyboards that can be put on in place of the French one. If changing keyboard, we actually did it for our daughter with an AZERTY instead of QWERTY it is simple to change with the settings. The laptop will read it. The hybrid keyboards tell the laptop they are QWERTY then all you need is the grammar/spell checker changed to match.

carl just saw your message thank you

but had to click on your name to see it - thought it would come through as email or show on forum - dont know what I am doing wrong

Anyhow the one you suggested as 15 inch is way out of price league sorry

it does not have to be dell at all

if someone has used one for sale then that would be great but doht know where it is possible to post an ad like that on this forum?

Basically a very violent drunken man smashed my beloved ACER which had my life on it

Now I have no pictures or videos of my beloved dog who passed away aged nearly 18

I dont know if specialist can recover data but that will have to wait as they are very expensive so i cannot pay that now

I am using a very slow terrible borrowed laptop now and must give it back

I have no other internet device or access

to be honest my heart is utterly broken

but if I can buy a 2nd hand one from someone

min spec is 15 inch screen, min 2GB RAM or more, dual core chip preferably pentium but any fast good chip will do, minimum 160GB hard drive and if possible on vista or win 7 or XP Operating System

The ones in UK are lenovo for 200 pounds but this comes loaded with malware like fish something that must be de installed but apparently still leaves claws in system

I am afraid to buy lenovo with all this malware

my laptop that I bought and was destroyed by awful mindless idiot was a ACER ASPIRE 5735Z

Here is a link to it to see the spec

basically this was fine for me so I need something along the same lines or better of course

please can anyone help me or tell me how to advertise for one on this forum as someone may have one

also only have VISA euro credit card and amazon UK really sting on the exchange rate too

not problem for adaptor plug as I have one or more with me

really desperate here