How to get rid of dormice/loir

Thank you for all the suggestions.

Re the ultra sound gadgets: What are they called in French?

Where is a good place to get them?

And Which is a good make/manufacturer?

Thank you.


appareil ultrason anti loir (or souris or lérots) (if searching google try contre as well as anti)

The units from the UK as suggested or there is a Spanish manufacturer I will try to find their details. Not found anything commercial in France, maybe that’s whey they have worked so well French rodents have never heard such a racket, well apart from our local man on the hunting horn but that’s another story.

We have loads of Loir. So far this month hubby has caught 22 of the cute little guys in a humane trap and freed them in a forest far away. They find a slice of ripe peach irresistible.

It’s getting quieter and quieter although we should probably mark them somehow to be sure they’re not repeat visitors.

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Super, that you use humane traps, but where do you get them in France? We have looked for them. Maybe our area of France…


We often find one dead in the pool.

Loads of different ones on Amazon.

Just need to sort out which size/mechanism you want.

Put a piece of wood in the pool so they don’t have to drown. Poor little creatures, they are rare and beautiful and we are encroaching on their habitat to the point where they are going to disappear altogether - the least we can do is be as harmless to them as we can.

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Usually the mouse is under the cover in the morning so not sure if the wood can help. If I left a small gap at the shallow end and put the wood there would that be best?

Probably, anything that they can climb on or cling to and either be saved by you or get out themselves.

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I use mint. Apparently Peppermint is best and I sprinkle the essential oil around when I hear them. But I also have what smells like Spearmint in the garden. I put sprigs of it about. They don’t like the smell. I don’t know what kind of mouse or kinds of mice I have but I’m no longer bothered bothered - till I need to renew the smell. (I tried the humane traps, but couldn’t make it work - they’d take the bait and leave.)

Getting rid of them humanely is all but impossible.

Sonic devices that are supposed to repel them are ineffective (as they are for other infestations that they are supposed to counter).

If you want to get rid of them humanely you have to trap them in cages and release them miles away from where you live. Even then you will need to find out where they get in to your property and block up where they come in.

Even then you can’t simply block things up withe the usual mousse/crazy foam. you need to use small mesh chicken wire and then crazy foam to keep them out. With the mousse on its own they will just chew their way through it.

A cat is a bit of a deterrent but cats are lazy, shove off outside for the night and generally don’t have access to the wall and ceiling voids where the lerots, loirs run.

As to the idea that they don’t chew through gains that electricity wires are laid in, I wish that somebody would tell the furry beggars in are house about that!

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Last night


Gosh! What is it?


It is a juvenile lérot, super sweet isn’t it!


Looks a bit like a mini koala in that pose, only it isn’t posing. Very cute.

Yes. Especially its face like a cartoon cat burglar. But you say ‘juvenile’. It looks pretty big as a teenager…

It has got to its adult size, but it is obviously a young stupid one still prone to being too visible, it was messing around about 40cm from the supper table and about 20cm away from the cat! Also galloping up and down the roof under the tiles and over them with another lérot, going up and down the wall…

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Great idea but I don’t have any access to the roof space above my bedroom. My neighbour does have cats but the apartment above me beloved to their dad and has been empty 5 years. They store his stuff in there.
For the last few years I assumed it was their car in the attic but it can’t get out of their apartment.

Ps have severe lung disease, I’m allergic to cats!

There are “critter ladders” although not widely available, little ramps in the skimmer they can climb out of.
Critter Skimmer 10-Inch Square Pool Skimmer Cover, White