How to get rid of dormice/loir

Very good summary. I have tried everything listed and am amazed to find that one particular sonic device seems to work. I put it in place in June and have not heard a noise since. I hear them complaining outside at night that they can’t get back to their favourite warm nests in my roof.
The successful device was from Amazon (sorry, I didn’t buy it but was given it by someone who doesn’t go shopping) and it seems to use various frequencies going from 15kHz to 45 kHz changing every five seconds. If someone is interested I can find out the model number.

Sounds similar to the devices we brought from uk more than 20 years ago… plug into the mains and forget them…

We know they work (UK and France)… tried and tested, but can’t remember what they are called or model etc…

yes please… we’d like to buy some for a second house…


“takeinspire” is the name - Ultrasonic pest repeller
Made in China and sold in boxes of 2 from Amazon. I was given one and haven’t heard a peep since. I tried the same type of thing for the moles in the garden - with zero success and another brand for the loire, also useless. This does the job and apparently gets rid of other mosquitos etc.