How to get rid of dormice/loir

I had the noisy rodent issue in the roof and identified it as Pine Marten

Tried most things and then the old lady of the hamlet told me that Pone Martens are repulsed by the smell of camphor and they used to use moth balls as a deterrent in years past.
I could not source camphor or camphor-based moth balls locally so I bought the from the UK.

I placed 1 at each likely entry point and 2 in the small roof space and honestly, the Pine Martens were gone in 24 hours and haven’t returned since.

I then tried these at home in the UK and Grey Squirrels also do not like camphor , I am wondering about Loire


I had to google as I thought they removed something but that was naphthalene so a good tip!

More likely to be a stone marten, martes foina, rather than martes martes. I don’t think you get them in the UK.

Ye s I will be interested to know which device work , greatly appreciated . (can let me know at, thanks :slight_smile:

We have had a lot of noisy Loir in our house, adorable creatures with their big bushy tails. Using humane traps dh caught more than 40 a couple of years ago. He drops them near a forest about a kilometer away. After much experimenting he says chunks of apple or peach work the best. They’re back this year, 6 so far. Apple is the current favorite.

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