How to mention someone in a comment using @

Sometimes it’s useful to directly mention someone by name in a comment, doing this will alert them to the mention. It’s very simple to do, every Survive France member has a unique username in addition to their full real name (which incidentally is a membership requirement).

Their username is listed directly to the right of their real name, you can see mine here;

So if you want to mention me in a comment all you need to do is type @james and select me from the list of Jameses!

Give it a try in the comments below.

You can also edit your username to something short and easy to type.

Just click on your profile photo on the top right hand side of the page and select the gear icon, you can then choose a unique username for yourself, first come first served!

Whilst you’re there please check that we have your full name too to avoid an account suspension.

Have fun!

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Gotcha @james!!

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Nice one! @Jo-Ann_Howell

@james nope can’t change my user name. As per instructions clicked on setting wheel but user name greyed out. Any suggestions … Ta

Let me see…

Not sure why that is, I think there is a time limit that may be causing that, I can do it though? Shall I make it kim

I changed it to @kim Hope that’s good for you?!

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@james I can’t change mine either James. Would prefer just ‘graham’ if you could do me too

Graham is already taken, how about @gra or @grahaml ?

@james Ah! Oh well. Too many ‘grahams’. Best leave it as is james. I see that by partially typing a name, a definitive list comes up anyway which is quite helpful.

ok, yes I agree that’s pretty useful! @Graham_Lees

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Sorry James got called out. Yes Kim is great, thank you.

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