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Like every other print or online magazine or news site, we’re currently suffering financially from falling advertising revenues. We source, highlight and create the most helpful content we can and provide it on a powerful platform that is simple, intuitive and free to use.

This time and software overhead comes at a cost and we wish to continue to provide you with this free service.
If everyone of our regular visitors could help us out, we can continue to grow and bring you informative information relevant to your life in France.

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Payment options are via Credit or Debit card (powered by Stripe) or PayPal

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Other benefits include;

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25% discount on consultancy services

what are the payment options ie payapl etc.

“Donor Box” - never heard of them and am reluctant to give my details to yet another organisation.

Were PayPal accepted I’d probably pitch in.

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Aha… I see I am not alone… I started the route… but, frankly, do not want to give all my card details et al…

Paypal is something I use with confidence (at least OH does, as he does most of the online buying).


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ahh yes answers my question i did not get that far

Happy to do paypal as I transfer funds via another paypal account to the one i use to make payments for things (double security) I don’t use my card details anywhere.

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Thanks everyone, I’ve added PayPal as an option in addition to Credit/Debit Card, you have the option to choose before you confirm. :slight_smile:


have added some funds via bank so will wait for it to clear to paypal, then move to other paypal. complicated process but makes it so much more secure

Just link a card or bank account to your Paypal account.

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i have a bank account linked to Paypal, i then move it to another PayPal account that i then use to pay for things. until a couple of hours ago Paypal was not an option and the folks on here were asking for it so @james kindly added it.

Ive just asked for paypal to move money from the bank but it takes a few days (lets me see dodgy transactions)

Happy to support the forum and was looking at patreon only a couple of days ago…

Harry Hi - I don’t understand? If you have a bank account or card linked to your Paypal account then, when you pay via Paypal, it simply debits your account or card - no need to transfer dosh into your Paypal account.
If you have a credit balance in Paypal then that is used first if you make a payment - if not then your bank account or card is debited directly via Paypal. Sometimes it’s a bit of one and a bit of the other !!
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Nope i have my bank account linked but not my card. I pay money into my one Paypal account and then from there pay my other Paypal account. The second accoutn has zero cards or accounts linked to it.

I took this action after an attempt by thieves to steal from my account via paypal after an ebay purchase.

its not something that is needed but it makes me feel that little bit safer.


Hi James, I truly value SF and want to contribute to its upkeep. But I would appreciate more information on what costs I would be contributing to and how they are incurred before firming up my own ideas about my own part in funding them, however modestly.

I trust you will see this as a fair request and not intrusive. My wife and I are bumping along the bottom currently although we have a sustainable income that many would envy perhaps. We have to weigh all financial decisions carefully, as do many, but we do believe that services are worth paying for.

Not asking for a spreadsheet just a guide to the actual costs you bear, including some indication of the value of your administrative burden.

Many thanks, and I welcome all observations on this request.



Do what?? Come on Peter are you serious? Here are my ‘observations’ - I think you’ll find that many online news, media and social communities are subscription based these days. To me SFN is a ‘members’ club and I would reasonably expect to contribute to something that I enjoy and benefit from. I don’t think many things are truly free these days and the fact that SFN asks only for donations (no compulsory subscription) is a credit to its values.After all it’s a business not a charity!

I think it’s entirely unreasonable to expect James to answer your inappropriate and over intrusive demands. If you can’t see, appreciate and enjoy the value SFN provides then maybe you should look elsewhere for your ‘diversions’…just sayin…:slight_smile:


Simon, I made no demands. As my post makes clear it was a request, and I was as careful as possible to make it politely and tentatively. I can’t help your feeling indignant but I don’t think the tone of my post merited your anger and scorn. You disappoint me.

I was not aware that SF was a business. Not all clubs are businesses.

I don’t know why you refer to my comments or posts as ‘diversions’. I’ve made it clear several times how much I appreciate and value SF and the people who comprise its membership.

If you really think I’m unwelcome as a result of my request, then please have the honesty to request me to leave.

I remind you and any other reader that I also made it clear that I wanted to help by making a payment or payments to help the financial situation. Knowing something of how difficult you were finding things would have figured in how much I would have contributed and how.

My last word must be that the tone of your reply says much about your own values, which I hope and believe aren’t widely shared by other members.

Just saying.


found your request quite reasonable and im sure james will answer them for you. in this day and age where we are tightening our belts its important to ask questions.

personally im scraping by after so many issues have cropped up and am in a position where only 1 part of 3 of my business is open so far but money is coming in so happy to contribute once its all sorted.

please do not feel regular members can request you to leave and trust me if one did say such a thing no matter what their badge said they would get in as much trouble as a person with no badges. only people that can ask you to leave are the admins and the robot and those won’t be requests. :stuck_out_tongue: your very civil so that will never happen.


Wow - well apparently you don’t. Peter - if you don’t want the feedback, don’t ask for it - it can sometimes ‘disappoint’ :slight_smile:

By the way :

I’m not - maybe you’re confused?

This is an interesting request which has got me thinking, I’ll get back to you shortly once I have given it some more consideration.

Hosting, software, IT stuff, legal costs, promotion maybe and lots of coffee.
I don’t need to know how the money is spent and happy to have made a modest contribution.


Your administrator said you were suffering financial problems so if you think I misunderstood his message perhaps you will discuss my ‘misunderstanding’ with him and share the outcome with your members?