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(anon54681821) #42

Where did i say I was moving money via English accounts. I move from a French bank to Paypal, then onto my secondary Paypal to pay for stuff.

I no longer have an English bank account, in fact i have not held a UK bank accounts for over 6 years.

Thanks for the info though im sure someone somewhere will make use of it.

(robert moon) #43

I offer free pest advice to anybody on this forum, but I also contribute financially to SFN for ad plugs.

If it wasn’t for James, Catherine and the SFN elves’ time and effort, it wouldn’t be such a good forum.

I don’t think he wants his mortgage paid, just help with the running costs.

(anon54681821) #44

by this i assume you mean you click the adds that pop up on the pages? My friend has them on his website and i used to have them on my webpage too and their payout is awful. my friend is a popular modder for a pc game and his mods are downloaded loads but his add click revenue which is on his download page so everyone gets it is a pittance hence why I decided on cash alternative on a monthly basis.

(anon88888878) #45

No need for any scaremongering Sandra :slight_smile: In reality, the requirement to declare PayPal accounts does not affect the majority of account holders. It’s really only aimed at those with significant business activity i.e. more than 10,000€ passing through the account. Here’s the actual criteria before the hares are set running :wink:

Ainsi, selon une note parue au BOFiP-Impôts (le bulletin officiel des impôts), l’obligation de déclarer un compte détenu à l’étranger ne s’applique pas à condition de respecter les trois conditions cumulatives suivantes :

  • le compte permet de réaliser en ligne des paiements d’achats ou des encaissements en lien avec la vente de biens
  • ce compte de services de paiement suppose la détention d’un autre compte ouvert en France, auquel il est adossé
  • le total des sommes créditées sur ce compte résultant des ventes réalisées par son titulaire est inférieur ou égal à 10.000 euros par an.

Si ces trois critères ne sont pas remplis, la dispense d’obligation n’est pas applicable. Le détenteur doit alors s’acquitter des formalités déclaratives imposées par la loi.

(robert moon) #46

No I contribute financially to SFN!

(James Higginson) #47

Rob is one of our advertisers @anon54681821

(James Higginson) #48

Hi Peter

Yes i think your request is fair! I’m asking you for money so why not ask what it’s for.

The minimum operational cost per month is €410 which mainly comprises of hosting, marketing/software. Some may consider this to be high, but bear in mind that the platform we use is enterprise class and is rock solid in terms of uptime, usability and stability (I would not have this any other way).

I spend around 15 hours a week on various administrative tasks, improvements, handling disputes, promotion etc

If we consider my time worth just €10 per hour that is a further €600 per month (in reality community managers earn considerably more than €10ph). I would pay 20% tax in this income so on average my take home is €480 per month.

So in an unexceptional month (without development costs, coding, design work etc) the operational cost is €1010

Obviously I have revenue streams that counter this cost and some months are lucrative, frequently they are zero.

I hope that gives you some idea of what’s going on behind the scenes and why I’m looking for community members to contribute should they see fit, it is certainly not compulsory and in doing so gives you no greater standing or access that anyone else.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come back to me.



(Sandra Shadrach) #49

Hello Simon,

How strange, I read that differently to you - in particular the second criteria in the list:

  • ce compte de services de paiement suppose la détention d’un autre compte ouvert en France, auquel il est adossé
    Given that ALL three conditions must be met, I read that to mean that the Paypal account that is considered as OK is the one that is linked to your French Bank account that funds it, and into which you pay any surplus. That could well be fine for the first Paypal account that is mentioned in this ‘Paypal Firewall’ as long as it is linked to a French bank account and not, for example, to a British one - but cannot quite see how this condition is met by the second one, the purpose of which is that it is not linked to any bank account at all…

It is that second account that concerned me as it is funded with transfers from a Paypal account in Luxembourg, but you may be correct and I am raising the possible issue (NOT scaremongering) for consideration and discussion when there is no real need to…


(anon54681821) #50

ahh cool. will pm you about that too. :slight_smile:

(anon88888878) #51

No argument really Sandra except to reiterate that all 3 conditions must be met to exempt declaration of a Paypal account - it’s not solely about it being linked to a French account :slight_smile:

(anon54681821) #52

my money is from my french account and the only money in or out to it is from my clients and my own bank account.

The main reason is i have to have a Paypal for “personal use” and a paypal for “Business use” this is to show the tax man a clear funding source. There is no law that says my paypal account has to be directly linked to a bank account and this I confirmed with paypal. Its called a double blanket security and is in use by thousands of people.

I also have my businesses bank account and my personal account on my Paypal and ensure each source of money is sent to the relevant banks.

(Sandra Shadrach) #53

It is always a good idea to have separate personal and business accounts, so you are doing the right thing to have them both.

My understanding of the French declaration rules (and that is all they are, the need to declare the Paypal account on your tax return as an overseas bank account) would apply if it is not a Paypal account directly linked to a French bank account. This declaration is simply to state that it exists, the date it was opened, and to give the number and the address of the overseas bank, ie Luxembourg. By making the declaration, you are certain, in the event of any future discovery of this account by the tax authorities, not to have to pay the horrid fines. Even if the account only has 15 cents in it, you are still liable to these fines, as people with what they consider to be dormant accounts have found out to their horror.

You can accept money into your account from anyone around the globe, and of course as far as Paypal are concerned, there is no legal reason at all for a French resident to have a French Paypal account - you can have a British one, a German one, or one from Outer Mongolia should you so wish. You can also chose to have your safety blanket, that is of course completely ‘legal’ - but just remember that Paypal are not the ones to advise you on how to complete your annual tax return in France!

Nothing is lost by declaring any not directly linked to a French account, so my advice would be, if in doubt declare - then you don’t have to worry about it any more. Should it turn out to be unnecessary, that is not an issue.

I don’t know why this sprung to mind as being a possible problem when I first read about the ‘Paypal Blanket’ - love the name - obviously the way my accountant brain works! Did not mean to scare anyone, just a random thought.

Let’s consider it the ‘Thought for the Day’ and leave it there. Have a fabulous day everyone! Sandra

(anon54681821) #54

I have to declare anywhere i get an income paid. So paypal is one of those records I submit.

(Sandra Shadrach) #55

Final thought… not sure if I was clear - I am not talking about declaring any revenues or expenditure - of course you have to declare all your income - just talking about the declaration of the existence of overseas bank accounts…


(anon54681821) #56

yes it all began there but no one mentioned foreign banks being used in the first place.

is what you replied to originally quoting the foreign banks which began all this debate.

(James Higginson) #57

Can we draw the topic back on track please? Currently there are six patrons, those that have donated to the cause! We have over 10k members so I think we can do better! :moneybag::pray:

(Paul Flinders) #58

Well your stats say 28 users in the past 7 days and 122 users in the past 30 so most of the 11k won’t even have seen your request.

What is the difference between “users” and “active users” though - there are more of the latter.

(James Higginson) #59

The difference between users and active users is posting/replying/liking etc

Those stats are only for logged in users of course. You’re right though, it hasn’t been seen much yet!

(Paul Flinders) #60

In that case the stats are odd.

“active users” should be less than “users” since the description suggests it’s a subste but i’s the other way around

Likes is a bit odd as well, 1,2k last 7 days is consistent with 3.7k in the past 30 (and with 300 or so “active users”) but against “all time” of only 20k doesn’t look right either.

(James Higginson) #61

Yes, what I said makes no sense, let me check on that… be right back