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(James Higginson) #62

I’m not entirely sure as I use Google Analytics for very accurate traffic reports, but I assume you got those stats from the About page?

I reckon it means we had 797 active users (posting etc) in addition to 124 logged in visitors who just read.

And the whole picture including anonymous (not logged in) is as follows for the same 30 day period

(Mark Robbins) #63

James, do you still get a small bung from Amazon? There used to be a link button but can’t seem to find it now.

(James Higginson) #64

Yeah we do, I should probably add those links back to the top menu, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

(Paul Flinders) #65

Or that you’ve had 124 new users join in the past month, re-reading it that would make more sense.

(James Higginson) #66

Yes, that could be it, sounds about right!

(anon54681821) #67

I share loads to facebook but allot of the folks dont join the group just read the posts. Those probabyly are part of the numbers.

@james could do with a topic asking people to join the page but with locked commenting so the convo doesn’t go out of control.

(James Higginson) #68

Join what page?

(anon54681821) #69

this group survive france like a promotion advert that we could all share inviting people to join

(James Higginson) #70

Did you know you can send invites from your profile page? A very unused feature

(anon54681821) #71

yes i have done and some friends have joined through it. alas most of the people on my list are clients so I don’t spam them with things like that as they don’t like it.

(James Higginson) #72

(Ann Coe) #73

Hello James
I would be willing to contribute a little here and there but not on a regular ‘set up monthly’ basis. If that makes sense.
Like most of us some months are very tight indeed.
Also what sort of money are we talking about in contributions ? Maybe others could give an indication of what is deemed to be acceptable …
Edit, I have just clicked on the red next do dah and see that you have boxes there thank you ! :slight_smile:

(James Higginson) #74

Thanks @Misty36140 I completely understand, all contributions very welcome :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #75

OK James, I have been ‘out of action’ for a couple of days owing to a small accident !
I will try with PPal, I haven’t used it for a long time so will try now and see if it still works :wink:

(anon54681821) #76

personally for me what is acceptable in my eyes is what a person can afford and often what they cannot but they give anyhow.

I’m pretty sure all contributions big and small are appreciated and those on tight budgets who give when they haven’t really got is the most valued.

(anon88888878) #77

Welcome back @Misty36140 - hope all’s well !! :slight_smile:

(Ann Coe) #78

Hi Simon, I slipped over in my garden on the way to my Thai Chi class! Result, I am in a leg brace and wheelchair for 5 days and then can start light walking after. Try to imagine, my mum, who is elderly, disabled and zips around in her electric wheelchair, and now me rolling slowly (never knew how hard the damn things were to manipulate) around the place in a manual one then you get some idea of the fun we are having.
Thank goodness for friends who are helping out, and also that I know I will soon be walking, if not driving for a while yet.
Have already got a route code worked out here, mum stays in one place while I roll along, then she zips about and brings me cups of tea. :rofl:

(stella wood) #79

Fingers crossed everything mends as it should. Your Mum will find a new purpose in life… looking after you as and when she can… :relaxed:

Take care and heal quickly (I hope). :hugs:

(Ann Coe) #80

Thanks Stella,
I’m using the ‘rules’ that power gives way to sail. If we meet in the corridor it’s her that has to reverse into another room. :slight_smile:
She has become quite adept at carrying a wine glass too …:wine_glass::innocent:

(Mandy Davies) #81

I hope it heals quickly. I know how you feel, I broke an ankle several years ago and had to use a wheelchair outside of the house. I was in plaster for 5 weeks so for the house I bought a stool on wheels (like dentists and hairdressers use) and whizzed round the house on that. It meant I had my hands free and it’s amazing the speed you can get up using just one leg!!