I am a bit slow on the uptake

I assumed all folk on SF live in France. Reading some of the comments perhaps not?

Best in mind that only a small proportion of Survive France’s users - or even active users - have chosen to put themselves on the map.


a goodly proportion, whilst not actively living in France, have a bolt hole here or at least a burning desire to spend more of their time here which has been seriously impacted by the unfortunate (to say the least) consequences of (guess what) BREXSHIT

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We have a house in the Morvan, bought in Feb this year, but have only spent 4 weeks there so far. We are unlikely to fully move, but will spend more time there after I retire in 2026.

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I am not on it 4 French homes in 28 years I keep it to myself the less others know the better

Why? What are your deep dark secrets?

I am a shy person with history

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Fair enough :slightly_smiling_face:

The more reasonable presumption is that all SF members have a connection to France - in my case that is a 2nd home.

I imagine that not everyone is comfortable with publicly revealing where they live, even if it is only the country. FWIW, I’ve been in the Auvergne 24 years, and prior to that the Beaujolais and Corsica.

Whether or not one lives in France f/t (I do) isn’t too important in this context as people often encounter the same problems and concerns regardless of their French residential status.

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