I am sick to the back teeth of SFR and our internet service - please help!

(stella wood) #61


Hi Nigel…

My daughter was raving about Facebook… how lots of contacts (for various things) can be done on that Site…and I just wondered if Bouygues has a FB page ???

If they do… you could send a message via that… and (so I am told) this does bring results… someone should come back to you pretty quickly…

(anon88888878) #62

They do indeed Stella - good idea. Just click on ‘send message’ (not contact us - that will refer you to their normal contact page)


(Nigel Birkett) #63


Thanks for that advice - not a great Facebook user myself but may give that a try - will see how the saga unfolds.


(stella wood) #64

Me neither Nigel… but my daughter swears by the Power of the Facebook Page :relaxed:

(stella wood) #65


Any joy Nigel… hope you fare better than this poor lady…

it would seem Death is only the beginning…


(Nigel Birkett) #66


Yes a sad story that and I must admit something similar happened to me when my mother passed away and I attempted to transfer the Scottish Power account to my name - so it’s not confined to French companies.

Anyway too early to say how my issue with Bouygues will resolve. A call last week to them indicated there was nothing more for me to do but then today I get an email saying I have to return equipment that was returned automatically as I didn’t pick it up. It’s all so predicable from large companies. I used to work for a company taken over by BT and all the staff were not taking broadband from BT despite the staff rates but rather from Plusnet. Word got round to senior management so they bought the company but have not tried to interfere in how it is run because they know they will screw it up.


(robert moon) #67

I’ve ordered a duplicate SIM from Bouygues and a portable router. Best of both worlds, I have a good 4G internet chez nous, and I can also take my own internet wherever I go; no more logging into hotels’ or clients’ wifi and am always online.