I am sick to the back teeth of SFR and our internet service - please help!

(stella wood) #61


Hi Nigel…

My daughter was raving about Facebook… how lots of contacts (for various things) can be done on that Site…and I just wondered if Bouygues has a FB page ???

If they do… you could send a message via that… and (so I am told) this does bring results… someone should come back to you pretty quickly…

(Simon Armstrong) #62

They do indeed Stella - good idea. Just click on ‘send message’ (not contact us - that will refer you to their normal contact page)


(Nigel Birkett) #63


Thanks for that advice - not a great Facebook user myself but may give that a try - will see how the saga unfolds.


(stella wood) #64

Me neither Nigel… but my daughter swears by the Power of the Facebook Page :relaxed: