I am wondering how many of you are for Brexit and how many against it?


(Barbara Deane) #1

Many of us here are came from UK to enjoy a different way of life
and some will return to UK and to what they know and the country where they
were born. Others will not return and have found contentment in Europe.
How many of us feel that Brexit is a good solution for UK?
I am interested in the ratio…for and against.

(Chris Kite) #2

It’s old news now isn’t it? How can we possibly know if “Brexit” will be a good solution when nobody knows what “Brexit” will be. It really doesn’t matter what I think any more…

(Mat Davies) #3

@Barbara_Deane You could add voting buttons if you just want yes/no rather than a discussion.

(Anna Watson) #4

Brexit is not a solution, either good or bad; Brexit is simply, a resolution to start looking for a new solution. Your question is a bit like, is it a good solution for little Jonnie to leave the family home and go to London in search of fame and fortune? Whether that turns out to be a good idea or not will only become clear with hindsight, it all depends whether little Jonnie works hard, saves his pennies and makes something of his life, or whether he mixes with the wrong people and ends up sleeping under Waterloo bridge.

Personally I think there is/was potential for Brexit to turn out a good solution in the long term, but it was never going to be easy and it’s not got off to a good start. The longer TM & Co keep dithering and trying different types of spin instead of doing anything positive, and generally alienating the other member states, the harder it is to have faith.

(Barbara Deane) #5

Old news!

It is very, very relevant!

(Chris Kite) #6

Relevant, yes, but your question is whether we feel that it’s a good solution. When Brexit is triggered I might have a view, but until then it’s just conjecture.

(Martin Cooper) #7

Hi Barbara,

To answer your question, I’m against Britexit.


(Phillip Cox) #8


(Barbara Mulcahy) #9

How anyone can say they are with brexit when our pensions and health are

(Barbara Mulcahy) #10

Sorry , pressed the wrong button. Ok we have been here for over twenty years and we are in a mutuelle but we need our pensions to survive. If we go out of the eu that means our pensions will not increase year by year and we just have to take the value of the pound each year. This year with the fall of the sterling we are so much worse off we are trying to do vide greniers etc

(Barbara Mulcahy) #11

I am so sorry to bother readers again but I cannot understand why people who live here in France voted brexit when the government stopped the fuel allowance - it proves they couldn

(Barbara Mulcahy) #12

Sorry again ,I’ll hav e to reply on my computer rather than my iPad but you know what I am saying . If they say we can’t have the fuel allowance what are they going to say about our pensions

(Barbara Deane) #13

By the way this is nothing to do with news!
What is happening to Uk , the confused leadership and your destiny, your
future could make huge changes for many of us. Standing together…just as
Europe has is imperative.

(David Martin) #14

It’s the unknown Barbara. Regarding pensions it’s may not increase not will not increase and there is no evidence that that will be the case.

(Angela Mackay) #15

Think it best to wait and see who wins the French elections next spring because if Marine Le Pen gets in (and don’t say it won’t happen look at Trump!) there will be Frexit and Brexit will pale into the background. whilst I voted to remain, I’m fed up with the whingers who didn’t get the result they had hoped for. I believe in democracy, the people have spoken and it’s time to move on and stand united.

(User removed) #16

Chris, Barbara just asked for opinions. You suggested that it was just “conjecture”. Conjecture is an opinion. Maybe it would have been more polite were you to have answered the question, or and if you didn’t like it, ignored it.

(User removed) #17

With respect, I totally disagree with you. We live in a democracy and that allows us to voice our opinions and attempt to change the opinions of others and that includes the opinions of a miniscule majority. How do you think that slavery and hanging (to name but a couple) were abolished?

(Chris Kite) #18

My reply was in response to the question of whether Brexit is a good solution. As nobody yet knows what Brexit will be, any opinion I have can only be conjecture, as it would be based on incomplete information. I’m actually against Brexit, but the deed has been done and I will have to be patient like everyone else and see what the outcome is.

(Barbara Deane) #19

Who is defending democracy and fully understanding exactly what you are voting for?
Somehow Theresa May has become the leader and she does not know how to get herself
out of the fog.
Having ones say is well and Dandy if you know where you are going!
Most people voted blindly and with little more than nostalgia,selfishness or
vanity as their true guide.
If you feel that UK is now in a " better place" than before June then there may be more
fog than I can imagine.
But for millions of us here in Europe and UK we now feel unwanted and in fear that we
may not be able to stay where we are in our homes and with our jobs.
This is not just about a few pounds more or less in pension or even the right to
use the medical system in our resident country.

(User removed) #20

I understand your opinion Chris and as you correctly surmise, no-one can be certain at this moment in time. If we were certain, we could not give opinions, just facts. However and having had the benefit of a good education and having lived for a while, I can give my answer to the question, which is that Brexit will be a political, financial and social disaster for Britain. This is what I mean, when I write that Barbara asked us for an opinion. Finally, I do not believe that we should “be patient” I believe that, like the voters in Richmond, we should make our voices heard above all of the rubbish and downright lies spouted by our (supposed) leaders. The louder the voices of those that hate and fear what is going on, the more that we have a chance of getting a “soft” Brexit and, in an ideal but unlikely world, a new referendum. Today and now that people know about the lies that they were told, most enlightened people believe that there is no doubt whatsoever that a new referendum would mean a large majority for “Remain”, I believe this too.

Now that is an opinion, which is, in my humble opinion :slight_smile: better than a conjecture.

I mean to cause no offence and I wish you the very best.