I am wondering how many of you are for Brexit and how many against it?


(Barbara Deane) #21

I agree with you Marc.

(Aly Challoner Jones) #22

Very well expressed. This resonates with how I feel about the topic… [quote=“Anna, post:4, topic:14364”]
Brexit is not a solution, either good or bad; Brexit is simply, a resolution to start looking for a new solution

(Aly Challoner Jones) #23

I wouldn’t say I’m against it per say and I don’t really believe it’s possible to answer with a straight yes/no given the conditions of the yes/no scenario have changed beyond recognition since the referendum itself. What I am against and I’m most likely not on my own here… is losing our freedom of movement to live and work where we choose. Not only for myself but for my 10 year old son. I’d love him to develop a passion for travel, culture and the wanderlust that I developed from a young age. I realise of course all that can still happen as it did prior to UK being part of Europe. It’s just becomes a little more tricky. So… until we know exactly what Brexit is… I wouldn’t feel qualified to answer.

(Barbara Deane) #24

Aly I always look deeply into reasoning…
and to the rules of human nature.
Before Uk entered the EU times were tough…
That is one fact…now that the friendship has been created between the countries
involved there are the usual human feelings which live within politics as well as
traditional friendships.
UK no longer wants this close friendship and, of course the “friends” are not so
happy with this…the “best mates” tie has been broken.
So why should the friends help uk ?
What is the insentive if the relationship is broken?
There will be all sorts of retaliations …like most divorces it will get
a little ugly.
All the reasons for leaving will drift away.
More homes for Brits.
More efficient medical care.
Less traffic on the roads.
A better financial climate.
A British Britain ultimately is the request for Brexit,
I can not see any of this happening.
And in place of all this there is more bad leadership, an isolated
uk and instability for millions.

(Aly Challoner Jones) #25

Great point (of course that is, if it actually comes to that! Expect the unexpected is my motto of the moment) and in response to your lovely point made here… [quote=“Barbara_Deane, post:24, topic:14364”]
There will be all sorts of retaliations …like most divorces it will geta little ugly.
[/quote] I sincerely hope the countries respond to mediation, the notion that an amicable positive result regardless of the core situation will be far more beneficial all round and will better for the ’ children’ in the long run! Perhaps a simplified view… but if I liken to my own divorce we went from rocky hell to positively unique harmony! Fingers crossed eh?

(Barbara Deane) #26

Yes Ally…your divorce was self contained within a small group of

fragmented lives and this, surprisingly can repair.

But have you not noticed that we have so many millions involved in this tangle?

Not only the young…and they are so important…but us oldies who came here

for the last portion of their lives to escape to the country and the horrific nursing

homes in UK to the beautiful terrior of our gardens and parcs and the serenity

of space and wild life.

I know that it all seemed simple…the x on the paper which would bring change.

Dissaster darling as Craig says.

Yes Strictly is a wonderful product from UK …dancing is amazing and this dancing is of the very best.

Darcy has a castel down the road!

(Aly Challoner Jones) #27

Apologies Barbara… I didn’t mean to offend with my choice of words and example. I do appreciate your position entirely and wasn’t referring to any age group specifically. The use of the word ‘children’ was more analogy than directly relating to the dynamics of those involved. All are affected. Yes I’ve noticed the number of individuals involved, have done nothing but. It’s pretty hard not to given the opinions that regularly unfold on social media. Let’s hope for an outcome that is at least bearable/manageable

(Barbara Deane) #28

Aly you really did not offend!

Not at all.

Every one has a right to be worried about the children.

They are the future of the world.

I still work…

Many "older " people still work.

If France and Britain brake of their ties our health cover

may be taken away even though we paid taxes in UK for

ever and still carry on paying here we may not have a voice.

And for the Europeans in UK they may be told to go…made to go.

Dramatic…yes but very possible.

(Angela Mackay) #29

With respect a majority is a majority however ‘miniscule’ as you put it. The ‘losers’ are free to comment but it is unnecessary to vilify Brexiteers and suggest they were old, uneducated and misinformed. If you’re a French resident you had better start praying that François Fillon gets in next year. Another socialist government in France is highly unlikely and we all know what will happen if Marine becomes President. As for the Brits who have left the U.K. and don’t plan to return I’m not sure what gives them the right to complain about the results, if they are not paying UK taxes and/or maintaining property there.

(David Martin) #30

Oh, please what is going to happen if Madame Le Pen gets in. The French family that I stayed with during the week haven’t got a clue what she would actually do and they are usually very well informed.

(Barbara Deane) #31

For sure Angela you voted to Brexit…and you are not holding back!
But you may have it a little wrong…actually.
I paid taxes in Uk for more than 40 years and this included paying paye
for my staff …this also includes co operation and capitol gains tax when I sold
up to come to France.
The UK government was rewarded financially because I held tight to my
business. worked really hard sold for a good price.
I no longer maintain a property in UK I would of course have gained financially
by keeping a property there. But I have enough to concentrate on here.
I loved my fun times in London and I still go back to see some people.
But…and there is a big but.
I take it Angela that you do not live in France.
Are you hoping that we get Madam Le Penn as a punishment!
For speaking out!

(Angela Mackay) #32

Barbara, you obviously don’t read posts thoroughly or you would see that I voted to remain but choose not to whinge about the result. I am hoping that FF gets in. For your information I was brought up in France, went to school there, married there and now I am lucky enough to have the best of both worlds living 6 months in UK and six in France. I have three French grandsons who currently live in France so I am very concerned about the future of France just as I am about the future of the UK.

(Angela Mackay) #33

Try reading the French papers! They’re quite informative and readily available on line😉

(Barbara Deane) #34

What has the French papers got to do with what is really going on with the British people…nothing.
Theresa May voted to stay…and to get into power… she is now a Brewit leader.
With homes in UK and France I am guessing that you have health cover in both countries and that you
do not work…and are cosy enough not to need to express your needs for fair treatment.

(Angela Mackay) #35

The reply re French papers was to David Martin and absolutely nothing to do with the UK and was in response to his reply to me! I am covered by the NHS in Britain as a U.K. Resident and tax payer and at 67 I am retired. When in France I pay if I need to see a GP and don’t claim back on E111 as my visits to see a doctor are rare. Being ‘cosy’ as you call it can be put down to many years of careful planning, saving and at times being frugal. We all have a choice in where we decide to live.

(Teresa Allen) #36

Completely against it, I am proud to be European.

(David Martin) #37

I do. They do. I thought you had a crystal ball. Go on spread rumours of fear they are more entertaining than facts.

(User removed) #38

Old? Ill-educated - the facts speak for themselves. Don’t tell me what to pray for. Marine Le pen is NOT socialist. You’re absolutely correct, you are not sure - at all.

(Barbara Deane) #39

what rumours?

And yes I do have a crystal ball.

But it does not look at pensions!

Are you an accountant?

(User removed) #40

A person who truly believes in what is best for his/her country, would never lie back and accept a stupid decision, even if a miniscule majority voted for it. As I mentioned before, do you believe in slavery and hanging? Because, people fought incredibly hard to abolish them, against a one-time majority.