I am wondering how many of you are for Brexit and how many against it?


(Angela Mackay) #41

No rumours of fear David just what I’m reading everyday in the French papers.

(Barbara Deane) #42

Sounds like you are angry with those of us who want to be happy here Angela.

Still waiting to learn what UK can gain from all this anti Europe stuff…please do not say Please wait!!!

I see no definite signs that M Le Penn will get in.

And I do watch the news in France…The French news.

(Angela Mackay) #43

Absolute poppy cock. I’m delighted with people who are happy living in France. I love my life in France just as I love my life in Britain. I have no time for whingers wherever they happen to live.

(David Martin) #44

A perceived right wing candidate who has many left of centre policies, who knows what she would, let alone be allowed to do. The scaremongers might portray her as her father in drag but that is a very long way from the truth. I feel you are being over negative (and a bit superior) in you posts. Many people living in France have real fears and concerns about their future. False reporting does not help. Unfortunately there is a lot of waiting to see what happens at the moment but not everything is actually that bleak.

(Angela Mackay) #45

Well I actually agree with most of your comment. We will have to wait and see. With what’s gone on in Italy today I believe we are in for big changes in Europe as well as the UK. I don’t however concur with your suggestion that I am being ‘superior’ and I’m sad if you feel that is the case.

(Barbara Deane) #46

Yes…you are retired and living in UK with another property in France and have nothing to loose
by having your health cover …ie carte vital taken away from you.
Originally these cards were given to british tax payers who are living here in France…retired
people. Or for those people who pay their taxes here in France and work here.
Brexit could be the reason why these cards and the right to work here could be taken from the British.
Certain rules may come about which inhibit freedom of movement.
This in turn will make it difficult for holiday home owners to sell their properties and in turn make the
French property market difficult for Brits…and flood the market with more properties.Thus making the French
property market more sluggish and pushing prices right down.
And will be a large number of desperate Brits returning to UK in desperation and seeking help in many
ways from the British support system.
Will they be turned away at the border?
Not so sure that your life in France will still be lovely Angela.

Have I got it wrong?
The England I knew welcomed people of all races and religions and was beginning to
understand that not every one was hetrosexual.
The reason I left is to have what I have here…
By being against the Brexit idea I am remembering that Europe has been an allie
and not a foe. By being against Brexit I am turning away from racists and, in turn asking
UK to reject hatred because it is pointless.
So this is whinging?
The Dali Lama said something like…the only religion should be a kind heart.

(Barbara Deane) #47

And Angela ,yes we ALL have a choice in where we choose to live?
is that true?

(Angela Mackay) #48

Well Barbara, again how wrong can you be. Firstly, I don’t have a carte vitale. Secondly I dont concur with your doom and gloom attitude re holiday house prices. I’m not concerned about the French property market, as and when I decide to sell, market forces will determine the value. We have had many, many years joy and pleasure from the house so it owes us nothing and I would think about letting it, rather than leave it empty. Thirdly as the mother of a gay daughter living happily in the North East of England I don’t share your views. Britain will always be a multi cultural society but the immigration issue is real (just as Merkel is now realising in Germany) and we don’t have the infrasructure to cope with current immigration levels. I do understand your concerns but I also have great faith that a solution will be reached. With the results in Italy yesterday I believe we are going to see a massive restructuring of the EU in its present form.

(David Martin) #49

I was referring to your ‘read the French papers’ that comment which seemed to imply that the British in France who did not share your upbringing lived in a bubble isolated from what was happening in their country of residence.

(Anna Watson) #50

I think that’s what Barbara was saying. You don’t have a carte vitale, you’re covered by the NHS so you’re not worried about losing your healthcare. Perhaps you need to consider the point of view of those who do stand to lose, ie those who, unlike you, have cut their ties with the UK and live in France.

For the record I don’t share Barbara’s worry but I do understand it, and I don’t think you’re entitled to be so dismissive just because you’re all right Jill.

(Barbara Deane) #51

I gathered that you do not have a carte vital and that your medical support comes from UK
as you are resident there.
The prices of 2nd homes may well not affect you but will affect many others.
Yes Britain is a congested country but the whole Brexit thing is not the way in which it
will be solved.
You really sure that you voted to remain.
Space and perfection is wonderful but this Brexit thing is very costly in more ways than one,

(Barbara Deane) #52

And once again what will UK gain from leaving the EU?

(Angela Mackay) #53

What is it with you lot. Im not being dismissive. A solution will be found and im confident that a reciprocal agreement re healthcare etc will happen. The question was asked about Brexit. Even though I voted to remain, I do accept the will of the majority and what that majority feel is best for the people who live in Britain. I am fed up with Brits who have severed ties with the UK and yet somehow feel they have a right to constantly Brit bash. There is always an element of risk when one chooses to emigrate. You should be rejoicing as there is a strong possibility that you will have a new French president with a British wife!

(Angela Mackay) #54

Barbara, I may be 67, but as far as I’m aware I still have all of my faculties and my memory is still reasonable. Therefore there is no doubt about how I voted albeit with some reservation which I think is normal and honest.

(Angela Mackay) #55

That remains to be seen and naturally I do worry and it would be foolhardy of me to think that all will be fine. I believe Teresa May (as a remainer) is the right person to take the helm in the Brexit negotiations and if Juncker and Tusk can be restrained she will, hopefully, a hieve her goal

(Barbara Deane) #56

Just because we do not live in UK does not mean that we do not

have rights as a British person. Taxes fully paid etc.

(Sandy Hewlett) #57

I voted Out, as many of you may know. (probably because I’ve been scrubbed out of so many address books since June!). It’s been appallingly mis-managed since then and I do feel that a comprehensive exit plan should have been in place with a procedure to be followed, fully explained so we wouldn’t be in this limbo. I still maintain, despite this, that Out is the best solution for the UK in the long term and that there will be temporary bumps and hiccups along the way. But do we really have to rehash the argument all over again - I’m sure most of us are now entrenched in our position of Remain/Out and the question is only as informative as the number of people who choose to answer. So if so far there’s been, say, 40 different posters for Remain (haven’t counted) and I’m the sole Out voter, then there’s the statistic for the original poster! 40-1 for Remain!

(Phillip Cox) #58

There is no plan because Cameron the Great never thought that he would lose the vote. Ever since it is a big mess. Theresa May has no idea what to do and 5 months down the road she is sinking deeper into the quagmire of indecision.

(Barbara Deane) #59

Thank you Sandy.
For being honest…but this OUT is such a complex matter and there really are not
the right people in government to make any of this painless.
I know when you say that there will be bumps you really, deep down feel that
possibly you have made a mistake.
A better UK is not a racist UK it is a a UK which embraces all and does not hate.
Now we have a lot of hate!

(Sandy Hewlett) #60

I disagree Barbara, I don’t feel deep down that I’ve made a mistake. I think I made the right decision (as I am sure those who voted remain feel the same but hey, history will prove one of us right !!). Given the vote again I’d still vote Out. But as the first member to leave the EU after being entrenched for so many years there are bound to be obstacles and unforeseen hurdles and currency bumps and nobody has trodden this path before.