I am wondering how many of you are for Brexit and how many against it?


(Barbara Deane) #61

Morning…it is not currency bumps which are most important.
It is the isolation which UK surrounds herself in.
And the racism which has emerged and developed since June.
Who ever admits they have made a mistake…lets us be honest…
very few people!

(Sandy Hewlett) #62

Fair point Barbara, by the same argument then lots of Remainers clearly think they made a mistake too! But let’s not go there, this is distracting. I’m clearly in a minority in France, voting out, but in the majority for those in the UK. I think your original post flags up the proportion and this is always an interesting discussion. I know a few other Outers in France, some of whom won’t publicly state their views for fear of being ostracised. There’s obviously only a few who stick their head above the parapet. But I do think I’m right and my choice was right. Like I say, history will prove one way or the other …

(David Martin) #63

Was your choice a gut decision or can you articulate your reasons for it? Like Barbara I’m keen to hear valid advantages of leaving that genuinely outweigh the advantages of remaining. Months down the line I’ve yet to hear more than comments about sovereignty and control. There are obviously advantages to leaving but for they really add up when considering the big picture?

(Barbara Deane) #64

Yes for those of you who voted out…Why did you vote out?
We all know about history…sadly…many lives were lost in the name
of hatred and pride.

(Barbara Deane) #65

This morning about six thirty I was disturbed by the sound of misguided hunting dogs
making their sounds of attack and victory, At the same time I could detect the cries of
a larger animal calling out in pain and wondering why.
Yes I wonder why?
For anyone who enjoys the sound of distress from a creature needs to seek attention.
This torture of animals disgusts me here…anywhere.
A similie…perhaps because this was world war 2 and we have not learnt a thing.
Have we.

(Sandy Hewlett) #66

I’ve posted enough times on this forum (and several others too) about my reasons for voting out so a little research with my name may flag up those posts. Let’s not go there again, there was enough discussion before the Referendum about in/out and reasons, and enough mud-slinging (perhaps not here but I’m on several fora and might have lost track of who said what where ) and my fingers are getting shorter by the day with so much typing! Anyway, my reasons have been posted before, I’ve read interesting and educated arguments for both sides. No, it wasn’t a ‘gut reaction’ but I understand why you asked that question. I’ve always wanted to have a referendum to decide whether we continue in Europe, as the original vote was based on free trade and I doubt that anybody who voted back in 1975 thought we’d have the EU structure that we now have. Based on the information I read (reading across the spectrum from the Guardian to the Telegraph and several online discussions and websites), there were plenty of arguments on both sides and certainly valid ones for Remain but Out certainly had more compelling ones, both financial and long term. And yes, we could discuss this and I’m sure in a million years you’d never agree with me so it’s pointless batting that ball back and forth. Barbara’s original post was asking how many were for and against.

(Barbara Deane) #67

And I think that Barbara expects more people to be open about their motivation and
their reasoning.
It would be interesting to hear @Brian_Milne thoughts on this topic.

(Barbara Deane) #68

Re -phrase…hope that you will be open!

(Deleted account) #69

Just to throw a third option in there, I decided to abstain from voting, and my reasoning is thus,

I do not believe leaving will affect me personally, my son is 1/2 french, I have been here a while, I have reasonable french, I work and contribute to the economy.

I also believe that the UK is a strong body of people and that whatever the circumstance, they will make the best of it and rise out of any down period.

Had I chosen to vote I would have voted remain because I truly believe it would be easier to live the good life in Europe but I really believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel

Basicly i couldn’t care less either way

(Philip Richard Shakespeare) #70

For me the Brexit vote was for Democracy and against the totalitarian socialist experiment emanating from Brussels, so yes I support leaving even though it may not be in my personal interests. I am an optimist and I believe that a solution will be found to allow migrants, which is what we are, to stay in our chosen country. As for the EU I’m afraid that those remainers are hankering after something that has so fundamentally changed that it no longer exists in the form it was pre-Brexit. The crumbling edifice of the EU is to be welcomed, the Europe we all chose with its diversity intact is to be embraced.

(Anna Watson) #71

Like Joe Scott, I didn’t vote because I saw it as a decision that impacts on the future of those who live in the UK. Obviously it will touch British citizens everywhere in the world. But essentially, it’s about shaping the country as a place for this and future generations to live in. I don’t live in it, am not planning to, and don’t have kids who live in it. So I felt the decision should be made by the people who will live with the consequences, it’s up to them what sort of a country they want to live in. I suspect that at the moment they’re thinking they may have got it wrong, but only time will tell.

(Barbara Deane) #72

I can understand what you are saying.
But apart from that …what about you?
Are that unselfish that it does not matter how safe your life is here?
Does every one feel that they all is cosy for them.

(Anna Watson) #73

If the question is for me - no, obviously I don’t feel completely secure, there are things that I could easily worry about if I let myself. But I’ve been here for well over 5 years, working and paying my dues, and I feel reasonably hopeful that I won’t be chucked out on my ear. I’m not going to be panicked into applying for citizenship or this or that card at this stage, but I’ll do whatever needs doing when the time comes. Worst case scenario if it does become impossible or too difficult to stay here, well… I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. If I hadn’t been prepared to wing it a bit and if security and cosiness and a safe life had been my priorities, I wouldn’t have moved to a different country in the first place.

Que sera, sera :scream_cat:

(Barbara Deane) #74

lots of bridges!!!

(Anna Watson) #75

Maybe… or maybe the stream will turn out to be so narrow that all you need is a stepping stone or two.

(Barbara Deane) #76

Been a lot of flooding in the world Anna…
better put your wellies on and your life belt.

(Anna Watson) #77

It’s OK, I once went on a raft-building course.

(Michael Blackmore) #78

Barbara, how do you know how or why “most people” voted? I certainly don’t. I believe that the total number of UK citizens living in the EU is actually 1.3M - hardly “millions”.

In any event fort hose who are French residents they will remain in the EU and have the option to become French citizens in which case, apart from any effect on the future of the EU itself,the UK situation is irrelevant.

(Carol Lavinia Fraser) #79

Very, very against. I firmly believe that if we don’t fight this the growing fascist section of the community will grow. Without the protection of the European Bill of Human Rights the likes of Rees Mogg will see the country taking its place in the third world. He is already advocating that working conditions in the UK should be on a par with India!!! The eonomy is diving. Not as quickly as expected which was the remain campaigners big error. But it is happening and will hit next year. The global economy is rocky and if we don’t stop this little England will truly suffer. Many of my fellow expats are now ashamed to be British. In the 30 years of travelling through France we have always been able to hold our heads up high. Now we are the joke of Europe.

(Barbara Deane) #80

You may need the Queen Mary and a surfing course o
n the Arcachon waves