I am wondering how many of you are for Brexit and how many against it?


(Jane Williamson) #121

Barbara, and everybody else, if you think we should stand together, I hope you have joined ECCREU. It is fighting for our rights as Britons abroad and is free to join.

(David Martin) #122

No, I am stating a fact. These are young adults who were born in Europe who have gone through school and university in the U.K. and who have professional qualifications in Law and Architecture. They have never had an island mentality and saw the whole of Europe as a potential for work. The Lawyer will still have opportunities to work abroad as she is employed by a large firm with international offices but architectural practices have already cut back on their international work as their crystal balls are not programmed to see through the dense fog caused by Brexit. I was replying to the suggestion that most Leave voters were selfish elderly people who were only interested in their own immediate situation. The numbers show different. It was the older voters who voted to leave in the hope of returning to a better past, it was the younger voters who voted remain who were looking forward to the challenge of bringing the potential out of the EU. Not to worry, Barbara, if my children suffer in the UK they will be able to apply for a European country’s citizenship through birth then travel throughout the continent washing up and waiting to their hearts’ content. Unfortunately that is not exactly what they had planned for or worked towards.

(Barbara Deane) #123

David life does go on outside the world dominated by academic people.
Well paid jobs are not the only reward in life.
I have known very unhappy lawyers as well as unhappy chefs.
Venturing into life as a gardener or chef can have good rewards.
I could easily be inspired by Monty Don.
And even little me has enjoyed the adventures of being a chef and
being rated as one of the top 100 restaurants in UK…or was it 50.
Not every thing relates to a big house,3 kids and 2 cars.
Getting back to the reasons for leaving…well I am yet to hear any one give
me a clear and convincing reason for them to say “leave”.

(David Martin) #124

What are you talking about? I am stating facts. Please don’t try convincing me that rated restaurants are the bees knees, my experiences tell me otherwise.

(Barbara Deane) #125

David this is not the place for you show your anger and disapproval of chefs
or gardeners.
Your mind is some what closed.
No one…not any one is superior to another.
Now lets move on to greener pastures.

(David Martin) #126

Please tell me where I have shown my disapproval for anyone? That is in your mind. My original comment was very simple; a poster commented that Remain voters tended to be older people with very selfish short term interests. I pointed out that many young people have planned their futures and invested huge smounts of time and money into realising their dreams through education and training and are horrified by the Leave vote. They feel that their generation has been let down. I appreciate good chefs and beautiful gardens, I just dislike the sort of hype that seems to be an excuse for multiplying prices without valid reason. Your comments don’t worry me, I’m going our for lunch in my second favourite restaurant today, its is in a magnificent setting in a Chateau garden but it is the food that gets my custom. My favourite restaurant is about 200km away in a dreary looking hotel alongside a main road close to a motorway exit. It’s so good I often go there for lunch. The last time was way back in November (28th) but it’s worth the journey for the quality of their food and the choice and variation of their menu. Not a star or unnecessary certificate in sight.

(Barbara Deane) #127

perhaps the name and address of the restaurant would be nice.

(David Martin) #128

I have sent it by private message.

(Phillip Cox) #129

Isn’t it strange that Ms May-be, after 6 months in office, decides to give an interview on a commercial news station AND STILL SAYS NOTHING

(David GAY) #130

She has nothing of any worth to say.

(stella wood) #131

Hi David… can you send me details of the Restaurant too please…


(Joan fry) #132

I’d appreciate it if you would show the ducks, and put them in a row

(Barbara Deane) #133

well I am 200% brexit…
and for duck go to the Grap di or in Monbaziliac are.

(Anna Watson) #134

Joan, if I kept ducks, or knew anything at all about them apart from how to cook and eat them, I would do my very best.
I don’t even know how long a duck takes to hatch but surely TM has had time to hatch at least one batch by now, it’s been nine months after all.
In fact, children conceived immediately after the referendum may end up being born before any constructive action has been taken. Isn’t that a strange thought.

(Joan fry) #135

Two words for Leave.
Greece, Spain

(Michael Blackmore) #136

I assume you refer to those who voted on both sides “…most people…” etc