I have a problem with amazon.fr

Some months ago I ordered a small bottle of rose water from Amazon France.

It arrived and from then on and again more bottle arrived
i now have 5
Payments continued to leave my account
Now closed the account as this had to stop
how can i complain
Can not reach Amazon

Did you accidentally make a recurring order - it is very easy to do this by mistake as it is the default for some products.


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I made this mistake and received unwanted orders too. It took me a long time to decipher and operationalise the instructions to cancel especially in Amazonian French, but eventually succeeded. As @Graham_Lees often reassures, “Google is your friend” here.

no just one order

I am afraid that your link did no good

Google took me to an out of date tel number
need to speak to a person

It sounds like it to me, very easy to mix a single order to a multiple one, particularly when multiple ones are cheaper.

Perhaps check back on the original order confirmation email as it will confirm it, or not.

Easily stopped though.

It probably won’t have done if you cancelled your account.

but they wish to continue taking from my account

But is it Amazon taking the money?

Don’t forget that they act as a store front for small sellers as well, if the recurring order is with a 3rd party and you have cancelled your Amazon account you might have cut off the only route to talk to the vendor.

Was that
0800 279 7234

If so you could try:
08 00 84 77 15

01 74 18 10 38

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,paul got through on the 3rd number
Thank you

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I’m glad you were able to get through Barbara. I find looking at foreign language websites is made easier using Google Chrome to display everything in English.

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IMO you are wasting you time trying to contact Amazon. I’ve been a customer of theirs since 1998 with accounts in the US, UK and France. Their service used to exemplary.

For example about ten years ago I bought a top of the range TomTom GPS through Amazon. The battery failed in no time. I contacted TomTom and a more arrogant bunch of bastards I have yet to meet. The whole thing dragged on over months with the GPS failing all the time (try that at night, in the rain in the middle of a strange city and the GPS just dies mid turn).

In end I I contacted Amazon and they immediately sent me a new one and asked me to return the old one. Which I did. They sorted it out with TomTom, which, of course is the way it should be.

By contrast I bought a backup battery for our gate through Amazon earlier this year. What arrived was a spurious knock off with no safety or CE label. I contacted the vendor and they were useless. I tried to contact Amazon but the website just takes you around in circles. Maybe there’s a magic link but I couldn’t find it. So basically Amazon are now flogging unsafe electrical items! I ordered the genuine part from my local suppler instead and waited for it to be delivered.

I bought another item in November (I think) through Amazon from a third party. It broke soon afterwards but outside the return period. Impossible to sort out. If it have been a high street retailer it would have been five minutes work to pop in and have it replaced. I’ve decided to just live with it.

So… after all that, I think Amazon’s customer service has gone to pot, that maybe something to do with them being as much an Ebay type marketplace now as a direct seller or it maybe the suits between Bezos and the frontline don’t, like so may suits, actually do customer service - there’s no direct profit in it.

It’s dangerous for them IMO, I spend a lot with Amazon, expensive items as well as cheap cables etc. It’s one thing to have a problem with something relatively inexpensive (the battery was about €100) but the days of me buying Cameras, lenses, video equipment from them is probably over. I can do without the hassle and I’ll just order it from FNAC or somebody I can actually talk to. BTW, the days of Amazon being better value are over too.

Last word on the TomTom, the new one failed quickly too but it was such a rubbish product a little industry had grown up supplying do it yourself battery replacements. I bought one of those, it came with a couple of little tools do do the job and Hey Presto - fixed forever - eventually gave it to an elderly neighbour. I never bought a TomTom again, the three Garmin’s I have bought since bought (one was to use after the TomTom died somewhere) are all functioning perfectly with free map updates (I also notice the built-in GPS in Mercs is Garmin).

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been wanting to rant about Amazon for a while now :slightly_smiling_face:

Off to call the UK Pensions Service now, jut to cheer myself up :roll_eyes:


Full of praise as I am for Amazon and its customer services, though these are sometimes hard to find, it is easy to make a simple error of this kind.

I recently bought a book for my Kindle at £0.99 and found I had been sold Audible for £6.99. A quick chat with a person on a call back by phone produced the assurance that it had been cancelled, but the money has been taken and I won’t know till the next credit card statement if it has been reimbursed.

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Hope you manage to get this sorted. It is incredibly easy to end up with a recurring order, as sometimes it is not obvious that you have to opt out as it is automatic unless you specifically say no.

OK, I hope that they managed to sort your problem out.

Yes David, if you catch them in the return period and it’s a product they have supplied, they are very good. In fact I bought a Blink camera from them a few months ago, I think it was about €120. It was excellent so a couple of days later I thought I’d buy a second one. When I went do so they’d decreased the price to about €90. I was a bit miffed. So I bought two and returned one under the guise of my original. More as a matter of principal than anything else.

Can you mention my battery too Barbara :thinking:

Maybe better not seeing as you just admitted defrauding them

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Any sign on the original order confirmation whether you made a multiple order?