I love cats, here are our two. Let's see yours!


(James Higginson) #1


Barrabus is the grey tabby, he’s 15 and Dexter is 4, they are both lovely, affectionate and quirky.

Dexter loves to find awkward places to sit and Barrabus is aloof and chilled, love them both :slight_smile:

(Véronique Langlands) #2

Daffodil aka The Orange One

(Véronique Langlands) #3


(James Higginson) #4


(James Higginson) #5


(Lily Stevens) #6

This is Ninji, or Freeloader1 as my husband affectionately calls him.
We adore cats :heart_eyes:

(Ann Coe) #7

Kitty and her Teddy Tiger ! :slight_smile:

(Warren Joiner) #8


(Simon Armstrong) #9

Introducing Lux…(one of 7 rescues!)

(Véronique Langlands) #10

I had a twin of Ninji called Lavande who died last summer aged 18 :heart:

(David Wren) #11

Milly, another rescue cat. We think she’s about 19. Currently on special food to help her kidneys :+1: I woke her up with the phone flash.

(Bob Sivell) #12

My 3

(Lily Stevens) #13

Seems like Lux and Dickie know how to relax.

(Bob Sivell) #14

Cat. Bidet.

(Bob Sivell) #15

No words

(Sandy Hewlett) #16

So here’s just two of mine, there are several more. Lovely Sasha with her long creamy fur and stunning eyes … sadly she’s very shortsighted, . Then Spotty who looks for the hidden corners and emerges covered in cobwebs. They all started off as strays, appearing in the garden, and are now all tame but still outside in the shed or basement. I’ve plenty more photos of my other cats but seems greedy to take up the rest of the page with the remaining half dozen or so.


Here are Tush-Tush (sitting on the wall) and Little Red on his new blanket. Both were strays who ‘adopted’ me!! Both are/ were FIV positive (Tush- Tush, we lost in 2015, he couldn’t fight the disease any longer) Little Red is a recent addition and takes his meds daily. I’m loving all these beautiful photos that everyone is sharing.

(Bob Sivell) #18

Your cat needs dusting

(Sandy Hewlett) #19

Mustn’t forget Wonky Cat, my most recent addition to the cat tribe here. And also Sooty whose fulltime job is to ‘protect’ the linen cupboard.

(Mat Davies) #20

This was Hector who went from this:
To this: