I love dogs let’s see your photos of your pampered pooches


(Brian Wheeler) #1

So to help James Higginson maintain his balance as Admin I thought I’d counter his I love cat post with one for us dog lovers!

So here are a few pics of my Welsh Terrier Teddie. He’s a real character and has such a personality. He is a Saredon Terrier and his great great grandfather was Crufts Supreme Champion but sadly Teddie is never going to meet those dizzy heights, he hates being groomed :roll_eyes: so let’s see your pooch pics!

(Timothy Cole) #2

Slightly off topic, do any dog owners here insurance their pooches and if so what’s the rough cost?

Thanks in advance.

(James Higginson) #3

Perfect, I was hoping someone would do that!

(James Higginson) #4

That question is worth a post of its own I reckon Tim.

(Catharine Higginson) #5

Handsome Hector

(Timothy Cole) #6

He’s obviously mastered installing insulation, perhaps plaster boarding was asking too much?:wink:

(Bob Sivell) #7

Wonder Dog at a few months old…followed by
WD about 7…followed by
WD at not far off 15

(Mark Robbins) #8

This is Syd

(David Wren) #9

Coco - she wanted my sandwich :kissing_heart:

and as a pup before we could bring her home. Who could resist?

Coco filled a hole left by Rosie, she lived until 14. Tough old girl - very territorial and defended anyone she felt needed it. Didn’t like posties or aggressive people.

(Brian Wheeler) #10

I couldn’t I used to have a chocolate lab sadly I lost him at two years oldto aggressive lymphatic cancer. But it is very hard to resist a chocolate lab mine was called Mud

(Teresa Shipley) #11

(Ann Cook) #12

This could take a while.
Boris as a puppy
Grown up

Puppy Lana meets Boris

Lana and Fina

The old rescue girls

Dolly left Freya on the right


(Helen Wright) #13

Here are my two gorgeous ones…My Girl is 10 and My Boy coming up 8…I can’t imagine life without them…x :slight_smile:

(Sandy Hewlett) #14

All of these photos are WAY too cute! Love them all!!

(Helen Wright) #15

That’s really sad Brian…two years old is no age at all and such a horrible disease in one so young… (((((( Hugs )))))) …:heart:

I’m the other way…there’s always only ever been one breed for me ever since I was a kid…x

(Teresa Shipley) #16

I love Collies, the Teachers Pet of the dog world. :grin: (well compared to my girl anyway).

(Lily Stevens) #17

Teddy is gorgeous.

(Simon Armstrong) #18

Introducing Max, he’s nearly 3 - he failed his guide dog training due to epilepsy. He’s going to be a puppy forever.

(Simon Armstrong) #19

Introducing Leo - he’s nearly 4 - found abandoned down a well weighing only 13kg, he’s 40kg now!! The bravest boy on the planet…

(Lily Stevens) #20

Oops, I should have scrolled down before posting.
All these dogs are gorgeous.