I need help and advice Part 2

I have started a new thread due to the last one getting so long thanks to some going off topic going on about their experiences in America & Australia etc, and being a fanboy of something that I didn’t even read,
Please only leave comments pertinent to my plight thank you.
Also please answer clearly, alot of you have used terminology or abriviations of French authorities like I understand what they are, alas I do not, please regard me as an idiot due to my ignorance to what they are.

Just an update, I went to do a little shopping on Saturday, to find out that I have now run out of money, my card was declined, I knew it was low, but not that much.

Really sorry to hear it - did you manage to have any success at all with any of the very useful leads and contacts that were put forward to you?

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Oh dear. How long is it before you receive your next pension (or whatever form your income takes)?
Also, hopefully you made progress in coming to an arrangement over paying the bill?

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Sadly, due to events on Friday I didn’t get a chance to ring CPAM. A vandal broke an upstairs window and had to call the Gandamerie, then had to fix the shutter up there, it’s been left open for many years, and has rusted up and the locking bar hinge is now broken, I was able to Jerry rig it shut. I have found the new hinges I bought for it some time ago and will put them on tomorrow.
Luckily I found 11euros in change around the house, so was able to get the milk, sugar and bread I was desperate for.

I have no income whatsoever. I was living off savings. Sadly it ran out quicker than expected or I’d have put the house up for sale earlier.

Are you working age, what skills do you have, have you tried to find work?

No chance anyone would employ me, I’ll be 55 in July, but five years ago I had massive pulmonary embolism which caused three heart attacks (minor) that really screwed up my health,
so can’t do much manual labour, also I don’t speak much French, only very basic and not good enough for conversation, I came over here to look after my dying Mum, and looking after her I never got to socialise with locals and learn French. I also don’t have a driving license or vehicle, so can’t travel outside the village.

Hello @Happyrob

If you are a British Subject… I suggest you contact the British Embassy and try to get yourself back to Britain asap.

best of luck


In that case, being cruel to be kind, have you heard the saying “the Lord helps those who helps themselves”.
Several psople have already given all the advice we have to offer, and one person kindly made private contact with you I believe. If none of that has helped, it is hard to believe there is a way forward and it does sounds as if the time is long overdue to do as Stella suggests, cut your losses and make a fresh start back in the UK. Your life in France sound.a nightmare with vandals breaking your windows, no social life, not able to get out and about, difficulty in understanding and communicating, and now no money left, so I do not suppose you want to stay in any case. One final suggestion, you could contact this British charity to see if they can help you
Home - The British Charitable Fund,.


Try the UK Government. This is the link to the start page to see if you qualify UK benefits if you’re going or living abroad - GOV.UK

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Please go to your Maire (town hall) and ask to have an appointment with the assistance sociale. If need be look at www.deepl.fr type in your situation and the help you need, and translate it into french. Then write the french on a piece of paper.

In our tiny village volunteers drive people to the food bank 20km away.

There is also an organisation called the British Charitable Fund that provides grants amd otjer support to people in need. Call them

01 47 59 07 69

Or email

Also call the British Embassy on 01 44 51 31 00 and explain your situation to them. They will answer in English.


Happyrob - there’s some really smashing advice there, so please do make sure you take some positive steps - I’m sure it’s all very overwhelming and extremely difficult, but you need to push yourself to follow up on the contact info provided. Seeing all the helpful advice, the quickest, simplest and probably most immediate help would be to visit your Mairie, so go first thing tomorrow and let us know how you get on. I’m sure they will be more than willing to help and provide some assistance - suggestion - translate a couple of key sentences to describe your situation, as you have here, then write the sentences down in French then take that with you to the Mairie.

Do come back tomorrow morning and let us know how you get on.


Yes I have taken their advice on board and Robert has been very helpful, I only got to read their advice last Thursday, and due to things happening on Friday I didn’t get a chance to enact them, but am going to do so tomorrow ( and tonight) .
Yes my life here hasn’t been a bed of roses, looking after and watch my mother slowly dying over the last nine years of her life, and the subsequent depression that started before her death and spiralled after it hasn’t been nice, but at least now I am coming out of it. But yes as much as I do love it here, I do want to sell up and go back to the UK, but with a heavy heart.

Ok Happyrob - great stuff and good luck tomorrow - everything crossed for you! Sure it’ll work out, and very sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time of it. Onwards and upwards and sure some positive improvement ahead for you.

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Thank you, I just clicked on the link for the BCF, and will ring them tomorrow, I’d imagine the office is closed on a Sunday.


Good, I hope they are supportive. That plus contact with the Assistante Sociale should keep you head above water for long enough to try to find good way forward.

And if you have suffered from depression then well done you for taking the first steps to seeking help.


Hope you’ve managed to have some success over the last couple of days :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Only some, sadly, but better than nothing. :+1:

Well that’s good news in itself :+1::+1: keep pushing on the other avenues - knock on enough doors and one always opens :+1::+1: I know it’s not easy but stay motivated and you’ll come out the other end of all this :+1::+1: when you’re in the middle of it it’s difficult to see how things can be different, but later on I’m sure you’ll look back and it will all be a distant memory! :grin::grin:

The only person so far that’s been helpful is the lady at BCF, but she can’t give help until I can get a Residency Permit, but all I get from the Embassy and Consulate is the run around and what seems like more brick walls. Today I spoke to a lady from the Bordeaux Consulate and she said to go on www.gov.uk and click on living in France etc… I don’t know what site she was looking at, I had to type in for living in France, still couldn’t figure out where to go after that as it all seemed to pertain to paying taxes, rather than applying for a residency permit. Driving me even more nuts.