I never thought I'd be rooting for Dominic Cummings...... but

Note that Scummings is very selective when it comes to spilling the beans. Not a word against Gove for instance.

He has enough on his plate at the moment with a super-injunction.

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The truth will out!

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I suspect a great deal more dirt on Johnson (and possibly Patel and Javid) will come out over the next few weeks to be followed by a Gove-Cummings power grab backed by the extreme right wingers.

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I’ve just been listening to a clip from the Cummins interview on PM, stunning stuff. On BBC 2 at 8 our time.

They have been found out and those in the North will not accept that.
The now blue wall will crumble.

Watching it now, he’s still a lying shitbag, and he seems to have caught the bumbling bug from his ex boss.

A y why the fuck is that kuensberg woman interviewing him?

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The entire interview was propaganda.

The hard lighting on Kuenssberg to make her look like an inquisitor, the soft lighting on Cummings to make him look like a victim.

The carefully stage-managed and (rehearsed) answers. We’re watching the creation of a goebbels for our time.

The question we now need to ask is “who is hitler?”

(Edited to add…)

There were many mid-sentence edits in that interview. Typically, these will be used to reinforce / nuance or change a viewer’s impression of the interviewee by creating a fundamental change of content or emphasis as a result of the edit.

This technique is at the heart of all propaganda films.


I know who she is, but I would have thought the BBC just might have used someone with more presence, maybe like Paxman or Humphreys , someone who can see through the bullshit and won’t let things go unanswered

You know, I agree with you Mark. I find her a bit of a Tory fangirl, I hope I’m proved wrong in this interview (currently downloading). I think Emily Maitlis would have been a better choice.


They are not extreme right wingers. If you listen carefully he said the whole political system is broken, "if it can only offer a choice between Johnson and Corbyn " in that he is right. I of course think the Leave campaign pedalled lies that unfortunately Joe Publc bought by a small majority.
However Cummings has the ability to think outside conventional parameters, and intellectually Johnson is leagues below Cummings…but that’s not to say I like the latter.
The question is which of the two gangsters is telling a more accurate version of events…my vote is for Cummins.
If I were Johnson and cronies I would be mor3 than just worried, Cummins is no standard politician…indeed he has never been a Conservative card carrier.
This will run and run, will haunt Johnson and may well be the reason why I don’t think he will lead the Tory Party into next election.
This is almost as intriguing as goings on in the Elysee Palace

Indeed. But the Cummings-Gove axis is backed by the extreme right-wingers.

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But I think the mess he is revealing doesn’t suit the ERG either.

Cummings are ERG never laid in a common political bed, they just shared the same end goal.
In many ways Gove is not a right wingers in the mould of Bone, Walker, Redwood, Brady, Jenkin, Duncan-Smith, Bridgen, Francois, Chope, Davies, Clifton-Brown, Baker, Fysh…they are the real standard bearers of the right

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They are yesterday’s interviewers, its about 7 years since Paxman did one.
LK was too soft on him and didn’t really make him squirm like Emily Maitlis (but she has had two ticking offs from TV thought police recently) or Guru-Murthy or Amol Rajin (rising star) would have done.

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@_Brian …don’t follow that rationale …propaganda for who I ask, your comments seem like they were decided on the principle of they are both robbers so the interview must be rubbish too. You obviously have jaundiced view viz

last year’s visit to Barnard Castle was actually to check how far the construction of his underground secret lair / missile launching site / giant frickin’ laser beams had progressed.

which doesn’t support a balance consideration of the interview.
But don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely NO lover of either of them

John - thanks for that. I don’t think the interview was rubbish at all - I found it very illuminating.

“Propaganda for whom?” you ask.
In my view it’s propaganda for Project Cummings. I have no idea of his plans but I suspect that he hopes to play a central role in the government of this country.

Your reference to my jaundiced view is based on my (possibly poor) attempt at a joke, likening Cummings to the Dr Evil character from the Austin Powers films.

I have been listening to the 3 parts of the interview whilst walking the dog this morning.

The interview clearly confirms what most of us think that Johnson is completely out of his depth and that the Brexit referendum was won by lies which is why it cannot be delivered in the way that some people had hoped for.


I would love to see James O’Brien interview Scummings. I still remember the excellent job he did with Farage.

Listening it sounds OK, but if you had been watching you would have seen him covering his mouth with his hand for most of the interview.
Not a tell for telling the truth.