I never thought I'd be rooting for Dominic Cummings...... but

Listening it sounds OK, but if you had been watching you would have seen him covering his mouth with his hand for most of the interview.
Not a tell for telling the truth.

He has terrible terrible teeth and may well be sensitive about them on television.

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@Apiary …he hasn’t left the stage yet to be sure, but as you say what are his medium term aims, he takes pride in wanting to be a disruptor , so maybe that’s a clue.
Ah yes, Dr Evil, didn’t put two and two to make your four.

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Just watched the interview.

My immediate reaction is that all my suspicions of Kuenssberg being a Tory drone are confirmed and reenforced. Her objective IMO was to discredit Cummings, not to explore and, of course challenge, the insights he provided on a dysfunctional party system, a dysfunctional Civil Service, a dysfunctional Number Ten, a manipulative PM’s wife and last but not least, a clown of a Prime Minister.

We all know Cummings is a liar, and a good one. We all know Johnson and most (perhaps all) of his Cabinet are liars. The only reason to waste time on the Rose Garden fiasco or the £350M lie was to discredit Cummings, notwithstanding that Johnson was complicit in both.

I don’t agree with Cummings on many issues, I don’t agree with his tactics, but I do believe he, however misguidedly, is trying to improve the Country. Whereas Johnson just doesn’t give a damn.

I agree with much of what you say. I haven’t watched the interview (LK drives me up the wall).

The one bit I find implausible is:

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I do believe that Marijkeh. I agree with him that the party system is well past its best before date. Allegiance to party trumps allegiance to Country. Though I’ve no idea what to replace it with. I also think the Civil Service needs reform, in fact I think the Civil Service needs comstant reform :slightly_smiling_face:. He makes points IMO which, whether one agrees or disagrees, are worthy of discussion. In contrast Johnson has no agenda, no grand plan and is a puppet of the ERG and hard right of the Tory party. I totally believe Cummings claim that Johnson said that the Telegraph was his real,boss. I can see him saying it. I also believe that he supported Bojo not because he was any good but because he was the only alternative to Corbyn. Having mission accomplished on the election I can see Cummings and his team saying “now what to we do with the plonker we’ve got elected” :sweat_smile: Kuenssberg missed the logic of that completely.

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The man is a snake. Dive a little deeper into his time in the department of Education with Michael Gove. Invoking terrorist legislation to force schools to become academies. That certainly wasn’t for the benefit of the country.

When you say the only alternative was Jeremy Corbyn, do you mean Jeremy Corbyn may not have been keen to break international law for example or feed a load of false promises to a gullible electorate?

Ps if any is going to start with the extreme left nonsense, can I remind you most of us live in France, where socialist policies still offer much more support to society than in the UK and are not seen as Stalinist power-grabs.

Having said that I do think politics is ruthless and you need to be able to navigate that, even if as in the UK all the dice are loaded against you as was the case for Jeremy Corbyn.


Before Cummings is ‘anointed’ perhaps it’s worth speculating that had he not been sacked we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

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You two seem to think I’m defending Cummings, trust me I am not. But I am saying I think even he has a higher purpose than Johnson. Cummings, like Johnson is unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to get his way, but I believe he does think, however misguided, that his way is a better way for England (I doubt he gives a damn about the devolved countries). Johnson doesn’t give a dame about England or its citizens, he wants his way for himself.

Cummings says the reason he was fired was that his vision conflicted with Johnson’s vision (God bless us) which was really Carrie’s vision (double God bless us). I think that’s true, and the Tory fangirl interviewing him chose not to explore it.

As an aside, the number of times Kuenssberg’s eyebrows hit the roof in faux amazement was hilarious. She more expressions in an hour than Marcel Marceau ever had.

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I share John’s view, you need to be in close to influence any policy or decision, dangerous as you could be tarred with the same brush.
A bit like the EU, far from perfect but now the UK isnt at the table we cant influence decisions.

Cometh the hour cometh the man and I suspect he is looking at his next meal ticket and backing someone else, probably Gove, the knifegrinder has been doing overtime for months in the Tory party after all.


Gove is appealing the judgement against him that he broke the law in his awarding of a contract to his mates.
Personally, I back the Good Law Project’s record in all of these cases. The Government has lost them all.


So which liar do you side with!?

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Good question. The one that gives me the best insight to the cespit I think :slightly_smiling_face:


The biggest trouble for me is once found to have been naughty at our expense they move asside only to reappear in a new role later.
Stike them off the register permanently and save us from their bollocks.