Identify this bug bite (with picture)

I seem to have a new (to me) type of bug bite and I wondered if anyone knows what it is. I’ve never had one go in such a dark red disc. It’s quite a bit darker than it looks in the picture.

It looks like a horsefly bite, I get them on a regular basis as I camp most weekends in a forest beside a lake, I had done some research and found this thread on reddit
helpful,Reddit - Dive into anything but call into your local pharmacie and they will give you cream and they are knowleable about what is prevalent in their area.

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Keep an eye on it, @JohnH.

If it is a horsefly, Mrs P had a bite a couple of years ago and neglected it. She ended up with strong antibiotics and the warning that, if they didn’t work quickly, she’d be into hospital pdq for intravenous antibiotics.

My mossie bites go like that if I really scratch them a lot in the night, my legs look a battlefield at the moment!

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My money is on a horsefly too…

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When I get mosquito bites they tend to raise but they don’t go that colour.

I tend to rub the skin off with the scratching thats my problem

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Did it hurt like hell at first and the bleed a little? Probably a horsefly bite. If it wasn’t very painful then likely something else.

I didn’t actually notice it until it got a bit itchy.

I suffered this twice in UK, within the same year. The GP said I had better stay away from that area as I shouldn’t have rounds of antibiotics so frequently. We moved.

It appears that horsefly bites can carry bacteria from wherever they just were. Unfortunately, around livestock (in my case literally horses) that may mean poop, which is like fudge to horseflies.

As everyone says, @JohnH please keep an eye in the bite area. If it swells up, get to the doctor quickly. Better safe than sorry! (Might also help to check with Dr Google about Lyme disease in case you’re already worried.)

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I suffer badly from moz bites. They raise to maybe 2 or 3 cms round and go dark. Painful and itch like mad. I scratch them too. Also they swell on the actual bite with fluid. Think it could be a moz bite?

Strangely after a week or two they go down but then start mad itching after that for another couple of weeks til gone

We’ve been getting bitten outside around the pool. Not like the photo though. We never see the little blighters that are doing it. Probably mozzies. An absent minded need to scratch an itch, when investigated, usually reveals a raised lump. I’ve found that rubbing Onctose on it immediately is very effective.

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Onctose is really good. Takes the worst of it away. Add to that antiseptic wipe first then really works.

Anyone had spider bites? I’ve had several and again a big reaction. Huge swelling up yo 6cm diameter and pain and itching further up from the bite withits two ‘prongs’. Its really horrible. Same as for moz bites but itching can last for two monthspkys swelling

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Just a thought… if one has a troubling bite/bruise/whatever… don’t wait until the weekend to decide it needs checking on …

Pharmacies are super helpful and they’ll take a look. Then if a follow-up is needed it’s a lot easier during a weekday.


And you can get a little necrotic pit around it, which isn’t nice at all.

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Sorry might have clicked reply more than once as wanted to reply to fleur, stella and vero.

Yes yikes fleur on reaction to bites. Really painful, itchy and can go on for months. Huge swelling too!

Pharmacies are super good and defo help. Good source to go to. Go in and show them the bite. They will help

I got bit in 97 by a spider in the garden. My ankle started to turn dark and inflated badly so I went to the doctor who said I was one of several victims he had seen lately. Some antibiotics and some cream to rub on and it went away over the next couple of weeks. Two puncture marks were in the skin.

Two puncture marks are sure signs of spider bites. Nasty things!

have you thought about “aoutats” they are a red acarien that lives in high grass ant goes on animals, I got some from a dog and it has taken 3 weeks to pass, big scar!!