Identifying docs for CdS

Hi All, a question about my Carte de Sejour application. I have the required documents but I remember reading somewhere (but can’t remember where) that each document has to be identified in a particular way, so if there is anyone who could answer my question I would be grateful.
Many thanks in advance

They just need to have a different name on each one. so just name what each thing is eg passport.pdf

Thanks Tory, forgot to ask if my wife and I can apply together or has it got to be done separately, obviously with the documents for each.

Each person submits their own application. You can use the same documents (eg bills with both names).

Tory, as for those docs, I believe I have all but the health side sorted. You may have caught a glimpse, the the thread thereof, of confusion and despair rife in the world of the CV.

As I understand it, as a 71 year-old UK pensioner, the CV and associated social secuity number is mandatory for an application for a CdS. It that right? And if, having presented my S1 and docs to CPAM, they take more months that there now are to 30/06/2020 to come up with the CV and S/S #, what work-around is possible in that case?

Christopher, you can submit your copy of your S1 as your proof of health cover, this is acceptable for the application process. I always suggest to people who are doing this to add a note in the free fill note section at the end just to say that your application is in with CPAM based on your S1 (in French - just use an online translator if you need to). They may ask you to forward your SS number when you receive it.

Mille grazie, Tory. That’s a massive relief.

I actually have a third original S1 which Newcastle sent me off their own bat, when I called them to ask if they’d had my S1 back from St Lo. Fat chance.

If the CdS system accepts an S1 as ‘proof of health insurance’ does the health system also accept it? What is possible, within the health system, equipped with only an S1?

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I think, but others may know better, that you’ll have to do what I did in the interval between applying for my Carte Vitale and receiving it. I collected the Feuille de Soins forms from the doctor or whatever and then sent them off to CPAM for repayment once I’d got my number.

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Nothing really, it is just the paper that enables you to join the French system. The fact that you have it though give automatic rights to be in the system so you won’t be rejected. You are also covered straight away, and as long as you keep your feuilles de soins you will be reimbursed from the date of the S1 rather than the date of the droits under the CV.

Once again, many thanks.

Bearing in mind your comment and Angela Railton’s above - “I collected the Feuille de Soins forms from the doctor or whatever and then sent them off to CPAM for repayment once I’d got my number.” does that mean that one pays 100% for everything and may be out of pocket for many, many months before a CV arrives?

In my case, yes, but it actually was a few weeks not months.

Yes pretty much! But then I find French medical costs so cheap after Oz that it never bothered me to pay before I was in the system, and at least you know you’ll get it (well a %) back.

We keep cross posting! From what I"ve heard I think that a S1 application is generally quicker than others.

Sorry Tory!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: no need to be sorry, I thought it was funny, and at least we were saying the same thing :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You are both making a happy man very old …

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As in other catgories of CV application? Students, employees etc …?

Me taking the dimmest possible view - Tumble! Crash! New hip, mon brave … I feel another approach to Fabien coming on.

Sorry to grind so fine on this but if I don’t know, others will be similar and hopefully we’ll all learn something.

It may be worth it if you are concerned, he should be able to sort you out with temporary cover while you are waiting.

Although in this situation you coudl just hold the bill I’d imagine until you are sorted with the CPAM

Crikey! I’m calling to mind the time I was in hospital - a swanky one - in the US, with wires and drips and “OK Christopher. Time for your vital signs again” once an hour/24 - and a guy appears asking how I’m going to pay for it all.

For the first time ever, having been to the US regularly for years, I had insurance. I never saw the bill, except for th ambulance- 8 miles, US$800. They had every specialist known to medical science do their tests. They sent in the trick cyclist - mad Englishman on Ward 2 - and the finally the reverend who wanted to know if I did or didn’t want a jump start if necessary. He must have been on the bill, as well…

But you seem to be suggesting I simply file it under ‘pending’ until the CV pitches up. Fab!

I think I’d be tempted to go back to the CPAM office with your most winning smile and big eyes and explain that you are anxious about the progress of your Carte Vitale. You don’t need your CdS yet - just the social security number…