If I was thirty years younger


What a hoot :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and street legal.

If I could be thirty years younger, I’d consider selling my soul, but I’d read the t’s and c’s very carefully, first… and think about it…

But down here on earth, I’d probably be looking at something like this for the foreseeable future – an electric shopping trolley, to and from SuperU.


I want to buy one of those and put a Suzuki Hyabusa engine in it.

Noddy car :joy:

As a former owner of a Toyota Avensis, I cannot see the attraction.

Are you sure about that?

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If I was thirty years younger, I would be a lot poorer when I retired. Unfortunately, that is what is on the horizon for the vast majority of people retiring in 35 to 40 years time. Or even longer if a Tory government decides to work all old people to death.

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Noddy car + splodge.

Never thought I’d meet the real thing, up close, locally, and going at max speed. Someone loves their noddy car, the Citroen Ami.


Chap round the corner has a Noddy car, just like that… we gave it the once over and I thought it was great fun… interesting to see just how it comes apart for easy changing of any damaged parts etc etc

However, the Owner and a pal were on a trip… the car turned over on a bend… no-one else involved… and I wondered if it was top-heavy, with 2 large adults inside … but the Owner reckoned it was just one of those things.

Damage was shattered side window, door panels bent/scraped… and it’s been like that ever since. It is safe to drive but if it were mine, I would prefer to fit some perspex/whatever as a replacement window, until things get sorted…
He reckons there’s a problem with Insurance (?) (or something like that) so he simply parks it outside his house, with the gaping/empty window frame facing away from the prevailing wind/rain…
Been like that for a year now, through all weathers and I reckon he’s had to sit on a soggy seat more than once… :wink: :wink:

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I was stuck behind one of those a couple of months ago. Think a great idea for mobility in a town or city, but the one I was behind was on a country road and thought a bit dodgy if someone coming around a corner from behind at a ‘normal’ speed :scream:

I find it bad enough living in the countryside with a modern… let alone one of these tiddlers…
like you I reckon their place is in-town.

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That’s what you drive once the judge takes your license away for your being caught driving under influence for the second or third time.

They’re called Sans Permis cars for this reason. Insurance is expensive as anyone driving one is clearly a high risk. If you think the electric ones are bad, imagine driving one of the old 600cc diesel powered ones…

Not quite so… but they are (as they say) ideal for those who have not (for whatever reason) got a Dlicense… my neighbour has never taken a DTest but he knows the Rules of the Road… he used to cycle everywhere, but finds the car more suitable now he is getting on a bit (40 ish :wink: )

Or what you drive when you’re elderly, never got around to getting a licence, your husband dies unexpectedly and you live in the sticks and don’t want to move.


For the more adventurous…