If we Had None?

If there was suddenly, NO 'LECCY, :open_mouth:what would be the biggest catastrophe, what would you miss the most? :thinking:

“Light” thus being able to see in the dark. We can cook with the gas hob, heat with the wood-burner… I would hate not being able to light up the darkness :roll_eyes:

That would be a bit down my list Stella, maybe 'cos I remember using oil lamps.

SF, of course :slight_smile:

More seriously: everything stops, in the UK we have gas but need electricity to drive the boiler electronics, thermostat etc. We could cook on the hob (but even that has an electric igniter), that’s about it.

In France pretty much everything stops - the only alternative source being the fireplace which would, at least, keep the lounge warm - but otherwise all cooking, lighting and heating is provided by electricity.

We need electricity to run our gas boiler so I would miss a shower the most.

If I had another way to heat water then I would probably most miss my computer as I wouldn’t be able to converse with you lot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Both in UK and then in France, we deliberately bought a gas hob that does not need electricity to light the burners… :wink:

I have an Aladin oil lamp somewhere in the loft… and a spare mantle in the drawer… but I would have to carry it wherever I went… and such is not always a good idea (I have naff carrying skills) :wink:

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Ah, we cook a lot on the flatop woodburner Paul, and that provides all our heating too :wink:

Yep being niffy would be bad, but my Gran only had ‘one cold tap’ in the house, She smelled Lovely :heart:


Used to often use oil lights in my place in Portugal, just for the pleasure of the ‘soft light’ :slightly_smiling_face:

We did too back in the UK… loved it…that’s why they came with us… but not so good with them any more… prefer something I can drop which won’t break :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The hob doesn’t need  the built-in igniter, a match will do but it illustrates how even a gas hob has functionality that depends on electricity.

Actually, we have a camping stove in reserve en France so we could use that.

However, I wouldn’t want to be without power for extended periods of time.

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The Fosse Septiquie would be a prob too, ours needs a pump, no handy hill :open_mouth:

There would be total failure of electronic communication: no mobile phones, no Internet, no radio or TV, no banking facilities, and quite possibly a failure of the health care systems.

Domestically the most problematic would be no fridge. Food would spoil quickly, and we would have to consume what could not easily be preserved. There would also be no fuel for private vehicles, and little for deliveries or to make trade possible.

À lack of light would be the least of anyone’s worries IMO.

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Actually Paul…without electricity, most gas hobs have a safety feature that will not allow the gas to flow.

We deliberately bought the hob which did NOT have that safety feature…knowing we could then use it during power cuts…

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The ability to store food and fuel to be able to go and buy it.
I am asthmatic and have had to turn off our wood burner.
Since then I have had no chest infections in the winter.

Hi Peter

I’m talking about a situation I have experienced…and the panic of not being able to see my hand before my face… total blackness…

If you have never experienced such fear and the feeling of total helplessness and despair … then, of course, you cannot appreciate why that was my automatic response to the question put…

Nuff said…


The supply, logistical system ‘down the pan’, No Nothin’, no grub, no fuel, no communication, very soon no society either, it’s so frighteningly, totally, interdependent. Lights, ummmm ?

Sorry, Stella. I wouldn’t doubt at all your own dread of the dark. I was speaking more generally, and out of turn in regard to your own feelings, so please will you accept my apology for a silly mistake? :cry:

Of course you are forgiven Peter… as I said… my response was automatic.

I am made of stern stuff…I can handle anything… well, almost anything, that life or anyone cares to throw at me… but put me in a black hole and I become a gibbering wreck… :upside_down_face:

I have a supply of torches (various sizes) and will rarely go anywhere at night without one in my pocket or bag… just in case.