If we Had None?

We all have our probs Stella,
I am ‘a claustophobe’, only ‘came on’ in the last few years,
So not belittling yours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmm, you might be right. I must check during the next power cut!

Definitely worth checking… as I say, we made a specific choice… you can unplug the hob to test it… :wink:

Well having lived for a month with no electricity when I first moved to France I do know that it’s possible to’ cope’.
My heating and cooking now rely on electricity, I could still ‘cope’ if need be, but not with an elderly handicapped person in the house who relies on having a certain temperature to be able to live, a tele alert system that works with electricity and other aids.
I lived without television for 5 years, didn’t miss it, but I do like my music and of course my computer that enables me to do research and keep in touch with friends in far flung corners.
Candles and matches are always where I can find them, even in the dark.
I do understand what Stella means though because I once was in that same situation, and unless you have personally experienced it you don’t know how lucky you are !

You can certainly light our hob, without 'leccy, but can’t light the ‘poele à petrole’ (Zibro) without leccy, which would mean chilly brekkies in the winter :unamused:

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Not being able to listen to music, got candles, wood etc, but HiFi is electric. Apart from that, could be a blessing in disguise - short term.

I lived without mains leccy for many years, probably about 15 on boats, no telly for over 30yrs, and yes, I don’t think anything worried me, 'til I suddenly became, claustrophobic, quite a shock !!!

Short term Mark, maybe, as an individual, but none, mondial???
Re the Hi Fi, would it provoke an urge to learn to play something yourself? :wink:

I’d never be as good as Dave Gilmour or Jimmy Page, and I’d need electricity

Ah, Come On, Come On Now!, if you really tried :grin:

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Don’t need electricity for my drums Mark :wink:

Or a ‘proper’ guitar :wink:

I’d miss my washing machine the most! the thought of having to go back to a dolly tub, posser & mangle is my idea of hell :wink:


Water :potable_water::potable_water::potable_water:

Must admit, life on the boat involved hand washing, but I tried to spend most of my time in climes that permitted the minimum of ‘clobber’, so notalotta laundry :+1:

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If the electricity went off for a long period I think I would go and live on my boat. There really is no need for mains electricity.

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If it’s a sailboat Dave, otherwise the fuel will be a prob’ eventually :unamused:

What a strange answer.

Why ??

Living doesn’t involve moving. I’ve never had a motor boat in my life. If push came to shove I’ve even got an electric outboard that can be powered by the solar charged batteries. Mind you my auxiliary outboard has never used more than 8 litres in any year.