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This could be a hoot to stream next Wednesday. Bojo lying live!

It’s in my diary :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Harriet Harman “Mr Johnson, which of your many lies is your favourite?”

Johnson “I don’t lie!”

HH “Ah, yes. That’s my favourite, too”


His supposedly “explosive” evidence that would allegedly exonerate him from all wrongdoing has finally been published as of this morning. It can be downloaded here, if you’re bored. In typical Johnson fashion, its release was delayed because the original version contained many typos and inaccuracies :rofl:

Turns out it doesn’t contain anything that hasn’t already been made public over the last 18 months, anyway. So much for this putting him in the clear!

In his own words he says, “There is not a single document that indicates that I received any warning or advice that any event broke or may have broken the rules of guidance.” So it seems his defence is that he’s too stupid to have realised that he was breaching the rules about parties that he himself introduced.

The rules are pretty clear on misleading parliament. He should be forced to resign or have the whip removed. However, he’s gotten away with so much shit before that, sadly, I find it hard to believe this will lead to his downfall.


It boils down to despite having been photographed with drink in hand giving a speech to a boozy gathering, he didn’t realise it was a party :roll_eyes:

Do you honestly think that the compulsive liar Johnson would have possibly said just one more lie to try and save his skin?

I’ll watch Boris Johnson this afternoon hoping that he will never be in a position to wield political power again.

It’s a different subject I know, but I was one of the 30 million people who watched TV, I with a sense of horror then relief, when the Supreme Court ruled against Boris Johnson when he tried to bulldoze Brexit through by suspending parliament.

I felt so incensed by the dishonesty in what he was trying to do, and will never forgive him and his Brexit cronies, for what they finally managed to do - fraudulently in my opinion. Dishonesty is written into his DNA it seems to me.

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It seems to me they’re continually “playing” the principles of legal precedent - prorogue parliament, break International law going back to Winston Churchill …
I want to know when they will get their come-uppance for asset-stripping the UK - of course going back to Thatcher …

It’s a pity that the citizens of the Sceptered Isle don’t have a bit of French blood in them. Only 52 percent of those who bothered to vote said yes to Brexit; But the 48% who were opposed did almost nothing. Maybe if they had reacted a little more vigorously like their cousins across the Channel things might have been different and Bojo would not have had his hour of glory.



“Mustn’t grumble”.
I grew up with Thatcher, so I assumed they at least wouldn’t undo decades of investment (for me it was mostly social, for the Tories I assumed economic) in the European project - but it gets worse and worse …
And it’s all being done in plain sight.
The way things are now, we need everyone to step outside their door and bash something to tell them the game is up.
17 million and then 13 million voted for all this … including quite a few in my family :frowning:
I sincerely hope I’m out of the country by the next GE.

Whilst this afternoon’s grilling might be entertaining it will several months before the privileges committee comes up with a verdict and punishment (if there is any).

And they’re off… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Random question but is that a Joggler on your desk displaying the time and date?

Macon was on Tf1 at lunchtime.

Who is going to win the narcissist cringy contest ?

Macron or Boris ?

Interesting to note that Johnson was made to swear an oath meaning he could be charged with perjury if he told a porkie.

I listened to him on Inter, I thought v good but I voted for him 4 times, so I would. There is absolutely no comparison between Johnson and Macron.


Agreed. Intellectually they’re a world apart, let alone morally!

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Your country is in flames….but that is largely because protesters are burning bins that have not been collected. Lol

Macron vs Boris ……égalité

which one ?

Macron is much more astute than Johnson. Watching the fly-on-the-wall documentary showing his first 5 years in the Élysée demonstrates this clearly.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Unlike Johnson, I’m not aware that Macron has collaborated to have a journalist “duffed up”… or lied to his employers about having an affair and getting his mistress pregnant whilst his wife was receiving chemotherapy cancer treatment… Or fabricated quotes from family members whilst working as a journalist before being found out and fired.