Illegal EDF tax. Have you claimed a refund?

Right just got off the phone to the COMMISSION DE RÉGULATION DE L’ÉNERGIE

We will have to wait until after the end of may as they have not made there final judgement the nice lady told me they have had 100s of thousands of people ask for money back, and she told me that she does not think they would give us much back if any thing :( ,and that the people that made this judgement did not think that it would end up having to pay us all back.

so there you have it get your letter in just i case and sit back put your feet up and take a sip of wine.

or give them a call your self she was very nice to chat to it only rang once and she picked it up.

I dont watch that either...when enders started I was living in the country and it was lovely to hear cockneys again, my weekly fix of real home.

So, definitely the tooth fairy then ;-)

My bet is head injury from a fall she had that I ever watch it of course!

The tooth fairy!

I agree Steve except that it was claimed it was a TAX. A company like EDF has a duty to apply a tax that the government says it must apply. That tax has now been deemed illegal but I suspect an appeal will be lodged. As I said elsewhere this morning I believe it may take a class action. Not sure what consumer rights organisations there are in France but it's probably not worth organising until Hollande's people have appealed. Having been involved in Equitable Life I can say that took ten years, I made contributions to legal costs, but eventually got no compensation and the relevant pension pot was reduced from about £100,000 to £42000 which gives me net in the UK about 1650 per annum before Mr Hollande then applies additional taxation to it as well. I will have to live to about 90 to make a real return!!!!!! No wonder people are totally fed up with the myth of government. My old grandpa said "bricks and mortar" and he was right.

all ready done that a week ago still nothing back also sent them a mail on the website nothing yet i am thinking of phoning them this afternoon.

Téléphone :

Since when was France logical.....I've never noticed?? ;o))

How can you claim money back from anyone other than the company you paid it to ? Doesn't seem logical to me.

This seems to be more encouraging doesn't it. Well done you ;o))

I might have a go myself if I can find "mes factures" ( typical bloke)

Very similar to my place. I am looking at changing my main space heating to pellet fired woodburner- but the problem is I have an old "cellular" house and we tend to heat only those rooms we use in the winter. There are some interesting tax deals if you are a French tax payer, as I am. I looked briefly at heat pumps but am advised by locals against them. Here in Brittany most use wood or wood burner. Do not be optimistic about any refund. I think it may take a class action against the French government (similar to previous British WFP) to achieve and that will need to be funded. Are there any lawyers about who know their way through the jungle?

We've had a written reply which I will scan and post later.

Cate - you will just have to control your excitement in the meantime....(or practice your face painting?)


"going down like a lead balloon springs to mind"....

Ah. I fear all you are going to end up with is a cramp.

Sent a letter claiming over 800 euros , thats was in the 5th April, we have had the confirmation its been received , sitting with everything crossed !!!

Shhhh! Don't give them ideas!

Just tell them Hollande is going to put a new tax on wine to subsidise EDF ;-)

No need for dramatics - though we could all throw rotten eggs at the EDF offices??? I've got too many in the fridge - some must be going off! eggs that is. What we need is to get the french involved. somehow - suggestions?

Who is going to volunteer to lay across the road at EDF depots?

Oooh! A mannif! Let's all make big red posters and not work :-)