I'm hearing it's epidemic

Here in Normandy folk are falling like 9 pins with this virus going round...we've had it twice in as many months...I think it lives on inside you and then strikes again when you get slightly tired or run down - blinding headaches, fever, throat, cough & it certainly goes for your weak parts! Husband now on 2nd course of antibiotics administered by injection on a daily basis by the nurse...all I can say is thank goodness we are in France enduring this illness & amazing treatment we are getting...but I'm hearing from American friends it's starting up in the States as well as UK...is it in your part of France?

The school bus arrived this morning - without any children. Mine was the only one travelling as the others (about 4 of them) are all down with the flu. Does not bode well for fast approaching half term. He'll probably come down with it on Friday.

I have not had this illness, but have heard much of it in Haute Savoie.
However I am writing to warn about contamination during restoration of old properties.
I contracted aspergeollis from the dust that covered us for months when medieval walls were pulled down.
My lungs are not the same. I cough and I catch everything. I must carry an inhaler. I am breatheless walking and climbing stairs.
It is a side effect not mentioned in books like A YEAR IN PROVENCE for example.
I am a newcomer and really happy to have found the group.
I have lived in France for around 25 years.

The problem appears to be that the vaccine given this year is not effective against the virus which, according to the BBC is prevalent in UK and to our nurse, here in France.

Viruses are always mutating, but this year they really seem to have got it wrong.

All I know is we are nearly recovered, but we're still in separate bedrooms and still no energy levels to talk of, (we're in our 60's), our local town is like a ghost town, I popped down to Carrefour on market day I was one of 6 customers in, the market itself empty - anyone I speak too (by phone!), is recovering, sick or know of folk sick...

I was due to try to go again next weekend to UK after cancelling flights but now my sister in law (London) & baby are sick...I think I will wait longer before I go anywhere especially as my parents are in their mid 80's!!

If, of course, what is doing the rounds in France and the UK are the same virus. I also saw that the similar one in the USA and Canada is not the same viral group as the UK one. I have always been a bit agnostic about localised viral mutation but now I am beginning to be a little more convinced. After all, Ebola virus disease appears to have been a mutation of four of five viruses of the genus Ebolavirus which itself is of the genus Marburg virus first found in the late 1960s, the genomes merging to give us Ebola sometime before 1976. Reading the history of that I now wonder how viral genomic mutation is widespread and how much of the viruses finding their way round antivirals has to do with that. As science makes clear, viruses are intelligent organisms and how can local health authorities humanly expected to keep abreast of them when they have the potential to mutate in hours then spread steadily before discovery when there is a noticeable number of people ill.

Brian, it now appears that this virus is indeed 'flu and that the vaccine that we have all been given is only about 3% effective against the strain doing the rounds.

The Today Programme has had a report about it and it now appears that this 'flu is causing problems for emergency care in hospitals, as well as the now infamous 111.

According to the BMA, should someone in the at risk groups develop 'flu they should get in touch with their GP who will be able to prescribe anti-virals which should shorten the attack.

Hi MA, they draw quite mad designs on them!
The weather is uncertain as we are 420 metres high and it depends on the wind etc if we have snow or rain.

AS I said, when my doctor warned me on Friday he said this virus in not influenza and is not covered by having had a jab. The same would go for any other flu treatment, antibiotics and whatever else they try. What to avoid is where people are coughing and sneezing. Shaking hands is low risk really. Having worked in developing countries and only a light bout of hepatitis to my name I learned the ropes (in case) early on. Sharing cups and glasses is definitely out, so no passing mineral water round.

That is interesting, long grey coats do they draw designs on them or do they pin things on them ? I don't think that they did that in my father's time but I know that some students had scaled some steeple somewhere at the school and attached, I think a pirate flag up there!!

I am glad you are having some sun after all, it will help melt some of the white stuff.

No not snowbound. The sun has come out now. It is very strange weather.
The Engineering School still exists. The students wear long grey coats which they decorate with their own designs, some of them quite strange.

Jane I am in Charente Maritime facing the estuary, la Gironde, close to Royan we have now 9 degrees so no snow or frost.

My father was born in Bourgogne in Pierre en Bresse I have been in his nice small town on my way to Germany, two years ago and I will have to go again do some research in the cemetery. My father was an engineer and graduated from l'école des Arts et Métiers of Cluny, I do not know if it still exists I have his diploma here at home.

I hope you aren't snow bound.

Ma where are you?
We have had snow and it is still lying on the ground and it has started to snow again just now.
We live between Charolles and Cluny in the Saone-et-Loire.

Jane that is great I wish it was the same for me especially when I go to the US for a month and I run our during the month if I think about it I tell Doctor that I will go to the US and he makes it for 2 months I think, he he makes mine 1 month at a time is because he sends me for blood test regularly.

Did you have a lot of snow these past few days ? We had Friday some part of our municipality had lots of hail and so much of it that it looked like snow on the ground, but where we are we had nothing .

Take care.

MA, we get our prescriptions for 6 months, but I would rather not go in the middle of January.
I too take my kindle, now my I Pad as my kindle has given up the ghost!
We have a bacterial gel in the car which we use when we get into the car after a supermarket shop.
Unfortunately the meteo says it will still be cold on Tuesday.

BTW kissing on the cheeks is apparently less dangerous than shaking hands!!!

Nurse just been to administer injections, she is saying this virus is over riding any flu injections and is now close to being called an epidemic ...

So, seriously keep washing your hands when out and about...hand to mouth is one of the ways it is passed on.

Jane, I know how you feel about the doctor's office , I walk in, sit strait in my chair hold on to my purse or my Kindle, and do not TOUCH any of the magazine on the office table no matter how tempting the front page, I am sure they are full of germs this time of the year.

I only wish my doctor would write my prescriptions for 3 month so I wouldn't have to go so often his replacement doctor always does for me.

I hope Tuesday is a warmer day for your doctor's visit Jane.

I have to be very careful as I am asthmatic and have to make sure that colds etc. do not turn into chest infectiozns.

Saying this I have to go to the doctor to renew my prescription on Tuesday and that is one of the most dangerpus places to pick up an infection. It is also very cold which is not good for my breathing.
Hope everyone is getting better.

where are you Barbara...hope you get better soon, weak kitten in a thunderstorm is the only way I can describe it at times!

Yes, of course it is an invading bacterial infection.

Causing similar symptoms to that of Bronchytus and flu.

Our doctor gave us antibiotics but it has taken a long time to recover

and I stall feel slightly exhausted from all the coughing.

Yes, thank goodness for being in France. Your health is everything!