I'm Not Being Racist..... but

Following on from James’ discussion about immigrants living in Europe and voting to leave Europe , I had an interesting (?! yawn) Brexit discussion today at the golf club which prompted me to observe that those who begin a sentence with openers like…:

I’m not being racist but…
I’ve got nothing against gay people but…
I’m not saying it’s ALL immigrants but…
I’ve got nothing against other religions but…

…almost always follow such phrases up, with examples of being exactly what they profess not to be, or be against…funny old World :frowning:



“No offence intended but…”

“With respect…”


Possibly only because if one makes a statement which references immigration, Muslims, etc., the nigh-on automatic response of some is to reply “racist” or “Islamophobe” rather than listen to what is being said, consider that statement and reply with one’s own point of view. So one has to get that assumed prejudice out of the way beforehand. Unfortunately in today’s world some people are too ready to get offended and one-word ‘slams’ such as those above can shut down a discussion immediately. Some of my younger (and I’m afraid extreme-left leaning friends) are particularly intolerant of any point of view other than their own … However Mat’s post is quite true … “with respect” is a polite way of saying that someone is talking utter BS !


Not a beginning, I know, but this is how I respond to some sensitive comments…

“You might very well think that but, of course, I couldn’t possibly comment.” :wink:


haha Stella, that’s beautifully diplomatic!

Or,"if I agreed with you then we would both be wrong "


Sandy one person’s offence can be anothers fun - it very much​ depends on how the recipient of the ‘information’ feels - a bit like with bullying. We cant tell people how to feel.

As far as my original examples go - over sensitivity didn’t come into play yesterday - I was surrounded by a ‘flog em and hang em’ group. One example would be:- ‘round up all those muslims on the UK watch list and deport them along with all their families’.

Another example: ’ just sink the boats in the Med - they’ll soon stop coming’.

Both were very popular ‘solutions’ within the group. Sad world we live in :frowning:


It doesn’t occur to them that you can’t deport someone “back” to Bradford or Brummagem.


Exactly David! :slight_smile:

I like it when the British living in France have to tell everyone on an open forum that where they live is the ‘best place in France’ but then complain that there are too many may Brits about.

The British are a strange race.


No more sweeping statements, please… OK, just one more… Humans, in general, are a strange race… :wink:


I think if there was a ‘strangest race’ competition at the olympics…the British would win to be fair.

Maybe being strange is good ???

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ha ha Mark…let’s call it quits… we all have our funny ways (even you)…

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@anon44939055 just to clear up a pretty basic schoolgirl error - British is a nationality, not a race :slight_smile:

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Or even worse - that there are too many French :grinning:

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Or that they have bought the wrong sort of windows.

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Yes exactly.

The British move to France for the climate and the cuisine but then complain its too hot and the food is carp.

Not to mention the ones who complain about customer service but yet can’t speak a word of French.

Brits abroad…:grinning:


Mark… please stop making these remarks…the joke has worn very thin and I can’t be the only one who finds it is no longer amusing.

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I can’t bear carp!!! Much rather have a nice piece of cod!


OK you lot… it’s too hot for sensible thought around here… and possibly where you are as well… this thread is finished for me…I’ll leave you to it.

I’m off for a sensible discussion with my neighbours…about the merits of Macron… well, it may start off as sensible but, depending on how much of their eau de vie we struggle through, … who knows… :slight_smile: