I'm so ashamed of my country of birth

Heard on the news this morning that the French wife of a member of the armed forces who is part of the 21 strong personal sovereign guard who has been married for 24 years has been refused permission to remain in the UK post Brexit.
The matter is to be debated in the House of Commons next week.
WTF is going on?
A US citizen, an actress no less - not even European comes to the UK and is likely to be granted all sorts of rights to remain - given a noble title even, yet the wife of someone who has served his country in an exemplary role is facing a very uncertain future for his family.
How does that useless May sleep at night?
I’m so angry about this.
If you’re not a EU citizen it seems that you can come the UK with no means of supporting yourself but are given a council house, benefits and all the other bits but someone very deserving gets treated so badly.
What hope is there for the French to treat UK citizens well after Brexit when one of their own is being treated so badly?


It’s utterly barking isn’t it? There are a good few similar stories in the press - such as this one

I think it’s normal Home Office incompetence though, albeit heavily Brexit tinged. I guess it is the reciprocal of the difficulty some living in France are having trying to apply for cartes de sejour.

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I think one of the biggest difficulties is that there is no effective opposition to May’s gross incompetence. The supposed loyal opposition party headed by Jeremy Corbyn can’t make their bleeding minds up either simply saying that ‘it’s what the people voted for’.
Well JC, they didn’t. They had no idea what they were voting for (like turkeys voting for Christmas) and most of what was promised has turned out to be a huge pot of lies.
The only people that can be relied on just now are the Scottish Nationalists and the Liberal Democrats now that Vince Cable has taken the party leadership. Tim Farron was a nice guy but totally ineffective in my view.
One other possible saviour is the DUP who may well abandon May over the Irish border issue meaning that her awful administration will collapse. However, who will have the b*lls to defy the so called wishes of the British and welsh people and leave the EU?
If May fails and there is an election for a new leader, who will (can) replace her? Iain Dunkin-Donut? Boris Johnson? Teresa Villiers et al? They are all ‘nasty tories’ as May once (correctly) described them.
What is now needed is someone to step up to the plate and put a end to this horrible mess.
I don’t hold up much hope…

à la prochaine !


In which case, this story won’t help matters…


No matter what happens, these people with their well-padded behinds will be OK. The rest of us can just take a flying one.


An Utter Disgrace


Sounds like fake news to me, or very old news blown out of all proportion.

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I’m not sure that May is any more incompetent than the average politician but she has been thrown into a situation which is above her ability - heck it is above most people’s ability.

Thanks to the referendum and subsequent hardening of the prominent Brexiteers we have been thrown into a situation where we must follow a path which will have significant negative impact on our economy in the short term with long term “benefits” which will be hard to realise and might not even exist. Limiting the damage while squaring the circle of the Irish border problem and retaining what little international reputation or EU goodwill we have left is a herculean task.

As an aside I read this piece by Ivan Rogers yesterday


it is a quite enlightening, if long, read. I have to say that I’m slightly less antagonistic towards Cameron having read it and it is a pity that his hard won concession on the issue of “ever closer union” was not more widely recognised at the time and will now be thrown into the dust. I still think that he was a bloody fool to put such a complex question to the British public, especially not asking separately about EU and EEA membership and doubly at setting such an absurdly low bar for such a wide reaching change (though how to set the bar is a complex issue in its own right).

I don’t see that you could have a contest for tory leader without a subsequent general election and an election now could be the worst thing possible. Neither the Labour party nor Lib-Dems seem to have the balls to go to the polls with a promise to halt Brexit. Both want a “Soft” Brexit which would mean ripping up work done so far as it would render much of it irrelevant but it would leave us in a “worst of all possible worlds” scenario of having to follow all the EU rules and accept ECJ jurisdiction with no chance to influence either. I think Cameron was right to believe that would be unworkable.

And, as you say there is no obvious successor to May for Tory leadership - largely because the role is a poisoned chalice at present. IDS (assuming his ambition to lead has been reignited) and Gove probably want to bide their time, BJ hasn’t a chance after his performance in the Foreign office (at least in any sane world he would not have a chance). We then get to the likes of Hunt, Davies, Fox, Green or shudder Rees-Mogg. Green I think has been too tainted by the porn thing whether or not he is actually guilty of anything. We’d probably get some sacrificial candidate that no-one has ever heard of.

Yeah, just like the 350 million pounds per week for the NHS was


“If you’re not a EU citizen it seems that you can come the UK with no means of supporting yourself but are given a council house, benefits and all the other bits but someone very deserving gets treated so badly.” Why have a (factually incorrect) dig at people on benefits? Hardly anyone gets given any benefits under this Tory government and those that do are humiliated in the process. I agree with your anger at the report you comment upon, but this is just regurgitating anti benefits crap from the daily mail.


I was under the impression that a lot of people get benefits under this Tory Government. The figure includes tens of thousands who are self employed so do not show in the unemployment statistics but fail to earn enough to live and thousands more on zero hours contracts.

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Its around three million Mr Martin, around three million get their incomes topped up by in work benefits, uber drivers averaging £3.50 an hour, people doing three of four part time Job’s a week. There is no such thing as a minimum wage if you are a self employed white van driver. Back in the good old days, most of these three million people would be signing on every other week and claiming £45 a week job seekers allowance.

It was in the Daily Mail, so it must be true!

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I really don’t get what all the fuss about this and the other similar stories are on about. It is very simple. I will use her case as the example.

She has the right to stay in the UK as the wife of a UK national. Nothing has changed.
She cannot support herself at this present moment as an individual and therefore does not have the right to remain in the UK under her own right. Nothing has changed

No law is any different now than it was before the Brexit vote.

We have lived in france for two and a half years. We have the right to be here as we work and pay taxes under the French system as nationals of an EU member country. Nothing has changed.

If my brother decides to come here and not work nor be able to support himself, he will not have the right to remain. Nothing has changed.

The situation is being caused by people who have decided, rather than wait for the agreement that will come that will allow UK nationals in the EU to remain and EU nationals in the UK to remain, to jump the gun and try to obtain citizenship when they don’t qualify.

If I apply now for French citizenship after only two and a half years it will be refused. Not because the French don’t like the British or because of Brexit, but because we don’t have the right to citizenship under the present law.

Who knows what will happen, but if the news is to be believed, we may find out pretty soon.

To me it has always been the case that an agreement would be reached for the simple fact, how on earth can the UK re-patriate and process 4 million people with the amount of admin that would be required, and similarly for the EU countries who would have their nationals returning. We might have an extra bureaucratic hoop to jump through, particularly knowing the French governments love of it, but I suspect that will be all.

Also, there are many non-EU nationals living in Europe. So why would British citizens be any different after Brexit, than say Canadians, Australians or Argentinians? The British were able to move to and live in France before the EU. It might be easier now but that is the only difference.

People who want to move here after Brexit from the UK may well have other restrictions placed on them but none of that affects the original point of this reply.

Rant over! :slight_smile:


If yuou want to find out exactly what will happen to British citizens living in France after brexit, simply log onto the French government’s website and check it out, all the info on living and working in France regarding third country nationals is on their website. After the UK leaves we are all third country nationals.
There’s never going to be an agreement simply because you have a small bunch of Irish loons who would much rather return to the days of blowing each other up, than have any form of alignment with southern Ireland. They live in permanent fear of a united Ireland. Maybe time for an Irish referendum.

What has changed in the UK is Theresa May’s crackdown on migrants.

In fact my British son’s wife had a pretty difficult time getting his American wife into the UK. She was an American diplomat but resigned to have a baby. Meghan is being given special treatment of course.

It’s the way they are saying that she will not receive special treatment
that sticks in my craw.

Downright dishonest.

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No, I’m sure they are being 100% straight.

She’ll get exactly the same treatment as any other photogenic lass who is engaged to Prince Harry :slight_smile:


My step son met and married an Australian girl who was in UK on a visit. When applying to stay as his new wife she had to be interviewed, fill in countless forms and pay about £800. That`as how UK treats members of the Commonwealth whereas others are just given handouts!
By the way my step son was at the time Squadron Leader in the RAF! - so the wife of a member of HM Armed Forces is treated the same!

Could be one of the reasons he has now transferred to the Australian Air Force??

If you read the actual story she messed up her application. I have several foreign friends in th UK, all have applied for UK citizenship and not a sigle one has been rejected. In Fact the applicants of acceptance percentage is far higher than any of the other EU member state. I cannot find where I saw it origionally though so cannot link it.

[quote=“Graham_Lees, post:1, topic:18311”]
Heard on the news this morning that the French wife of a member of the armed forces who is part of the 21 strong personal sovereign guard who has been married for 24 years has been refused permission to remain in the UK post Brexit.
[/quote] She has not been refused to be allowed to stay she currently does not meat the requirements for citizenship as marriage same as every other EU country does not grant you instant Citizenship.

Please please report full fact, Fiction and half cooked stories do nothing but spread fear and anger between people.

Half baked ideas of whats going to happen help no one.

If your so ashamed you can always become a french citizen and renounce your british nationality as that is what you are saying in your Subject line.

I am and always will be Welsh and Proud to be part of the United kingdom.