Immatriculation - making payment to ANTS

I’m in the process of importing my UK-registered car into France. I’ve submitted all of the required paperwork via the ANTS website and have just received a message to say “CERT has finished processing your request. You must now pay to finalize your request. To do this, please continue in the basket of your client area.” (Le CERT a terminé le traitement de votre demande. Vous devez réaliser le paiement pour finaliser votre demande. Pour cela veuillez reprendre votre démarche dans le panier de votre espace client.)

I’ve examined every part of my espace client but can’t find a shopping basket or, indeed, any other section that demands a payment.

Ordinarily, I would use the online system to contact them and ask, but there is a dire warning to say “Vous ne devez pas utiliser la fonction « contactez-nous », au risque de devoir recommencer votre démarche” and I’m not sure I’m ready to go through the whole process for a second time!

I’d be most grateful if someone could give me a clue or point me in the right direction!

Edited to add:
If I log into my account, and then click on mon espace Vehicule, then Voir vos demarches en cours I can see my current application. At the right there is an ‘action’ button with two alternatives offered: reprise or abandon. I wonder if I select reprise - OK will take me to the payment area. I’m reluctant to try in case (in gaming terms) I get killed with no available save points! Here’s a screenshot (I have changed the file number).

Thanks in advance,

Wouldn’t «reprise» in this context mean “resumption”?
I doubt you are going to get “killed” for clicking on it. Most options thereafter would require a positive action with an opportunity to back out or redo before confirmation.
But in truth, I don’t know the answer… just my guess from other French sites I’ve had occasion to use.
D’ya feel lucky :gun:

Graham - that’s how I would interpret it but I was hoping someone else would be able to confirm that pushing the reprise button would be the correct thing to do.

I’ve found previous communications from ANTS to be clear and easy to follow, so the fact that the most recent missive made no mention of reprise - just the basket area has made me cautious…

Now that’s exactly why I’m being cautious!

oh ye of little faith :slightly_smiling_face: :sunglasses:
You need to ask @Mark_Rimmer he uses the site all the time.

Just a thought, try another browser as I have had this with a couple of French sites and the pay or basket button was missing or blanked out but worked ok on another browser.

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Thanks, Colin.
Good thinking!
I’ve now tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE and still can’t see any sign of a basket…

It’s not that then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you forgot to try Opera & SeaMonkey :yum:

Click on OK, not reprise.
The next page will show the amount of tax you have to pay.
You then have some boxes you need to tick (scroll down) & then click on “valider”.
This sends you (eventually) to the payments page so have your bank card & mobile phone ready.
After putting in the card details you will wait while your bank send the approval. You may be sent a one time code by SMS or you may have an app on your phone.
On successful completion you can click & download your CPI which you can use to get your new plates made.
Your full carte grise should arrive within a week but you need to sign for it,


Mark - thank you so much!
I did as you suggested and it all worked perfectly.

It has all seemed astonishingly quick. I only started the application last Friday…

It is quick. I have done several without any problems. As has been said the key, as with most programmes, is to avoid clicking on the wrong prompt.
Just as an aside, clicking on ‘reprise’ simply brings you back into any active mode within the ‘demarches en cours’. It does no harm.

What are the changes in the Ants process since Brexit?

If the vehicle was imported after 1 Jan 2021, the Quitus Fiscale is no longer valid as a means of showing that EU duty and taxes have been paid.
Instead, a form 846A has to be submitted. This has to be obtained from your local customs office and requires one or more forms to be completed.

Once you have your 846A you add it to your dossier at ANTS in the same way one used to submit the Quitus Fiscale.

That’s interesting to know as I intend to bring my MGTF over later this year when it’s possible.

What is also interesting to know, in my opinion and if I am permitted to say so - if you hand the matter to Mark Rimmer all will be done at a very reasonable fee and with absolutely no headbanging or ANTS in yr pants whatsoever.


Point taken, Christopher.
However, once I’d gathered the documents the whole process took me less than 30 minutes (excluding my dithering about where to find the payment page!). Mark was certainly very helpful in his advice.

Well done. Obviously they have fettled the ANTS website so the admission of a minister, in the early days of ANTS, that it was not capable of processing imported vehicles is no longer the case.

As I was only a few weeks into my arrival in FR and was dealing with S1/CPAM/Amelie, setting up bank a/c and all the other stuff of a new immigrant, having Mark take one issue off my hands and out of my head was a god-send.

To anyone in that postion, go and do thou likewise.

I anticipated possible probs re C.T. [headlights/rear lights clusters] so passed the buck, basically. As it was, despite my application going in the first week post-Brexit, the current valid UK MoT passed muster - maybe with a quiet word from Mark to ‘his man’ in ANTS.

I didn’t even attempt to use my UK MOT - I just got it CT’d.

The last time I used ANTS (2017?) it was a disaster. I was trying to import a Triumph motorbike. It seems that ANTS had mis-entered one of the characters in the certificate of conformity on their database. As a result, ANTS simply stated that the motorbike “does not exist and can not be registered”. After about the 10th time I just gave up…

I wish I’d known about @Mark_Rimmer then!

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Of course, we all have to add our new house numbers to our Cartes Grises.
You need an exceptional code which owuld have been issued when the car was registered.
Ours was done over eleven years ago and we had to ask for a replacement code.
Jim said that the site was not intuitive and he was tearing out what little hair he had.
All done now though.

Is this correct that we are suppnosed to add house numbers to our CG’s? Surely just a money spinner.