Impot site

Could somebody please tell me how I set up my account on the impot.gouv site please

Here’s how

provided you are already in the French Tax System… you should have the numbers necessary to create and open your “personal space”… thingy…

what is giving you difficulty??

If you’ve lost you tax number etc give your local tax office a call & they will send or tell you.

I have my Avis but my French is not good and not certain what I have to do

You put in your 13 numbers on the link I give above… then press “continue”

New Page and you will be asked to fill in information /password.

Take a look and see how you get on… I’m already connected so it is not easy for me to backtrack…

The site asks for a 13 number code but do I enter Declararant No.1 or 2 ?

Declarant 1

Tried that and get this message
You must send your Public Finance Center a double-sided reproduction of one of the following:

  • valid national identity card or passport;
  • family booklet up to date;
  • invalid war card;
  • civil invalid card;
  • birth certificate or full copy with marginal information;
  • residence permit;
  • long-stay visa valid as a residence permit;

Otherwise, are also admissible:

  • circulation booklet;
  • card of a national of a Member State of the European Union.

Can I just make the point that Anyone who is unsure/uncertain about using ON-line to do Impots stuff… you can do it all via Paper… go to your Tax Office and explain your difficulty.

Anyone with language difficulties… might well be advised to continue with the Paper route…

But Stella Wood, tax has to be done on line now

Not for anyone who is “incapable”… and that covers a multitude of sins…

it covers folk who don’t have computer skills, who don’t have the language… who have poor eyesight… who knows what… all sorts… but the person does have to go to their Tax Office and explain the difficulty.

Time-wasters will be given short shift… but if you have a genuine problem (and in your shoes… I would consider myself in that category)… arrangements can be made for the Paper Declaration to continue… for this year at least…

Can you seriously see the little old grandma’s nearing 100 years… tapping away… OK some do… but many/most do not have a clue…

The Law cannot force anyone who is “incapable” (broadly speaking)…

Tax office didn’t bother sending me the forms last year I had to download them myself so delaration wasn’t late.

After declaring last year you will have received your tax statement later in the year. The 13 digit code is on that.

“The tax administration specifies that people who have a principal residence that is not connected to the internet (elderly people, unconnected territories, etc.) can continue to report in paper format even if their reference tax income exceeds the threshold.
There is even a text where the tax authorities say that “if you do not feel able to do so, you can continue to use a paper declaration” which suggests a certain tolerance. On the other hand, taxpayers must inform the tax authorities beforehand that they do not have the possibility to access the internet.”

That is the translation, from the French

You will have to go and speak with the Tax Folk… in advance… so they know that you want to continue with Paper. In your case, you have a computer, it is only the language that gives you difficulty. However, they may well accept that as sufficient reason to keep Paper this year… (possibly hoping your French will improve for next year)


It’s not easy completing a Declaration On-line if French is not very strong… mistakes can be made, things missed out… who knows… this is something for everyone to think about.

and yes, I know that many find it easy… but we are all very different… :thinking:

I think you may have clicked a wrong button…

Stella Wood, I clicked on “Votre espace particulier”, entered the 13 digist code for first Declarant

Just tried it using the link given above and get the same message