Incorrect surface declaration - taxe foncière

Just logged into Impots for the first time since purchasing. My ‘bien immobilier’ has showed up on my dossier but the surface area is some 13m2 below the declared surface area in the advert for the property when I bought it.

I’ve never actually measured the house so can’t say for sure but this declared surface area is definitely too low.

I guess I need to have this updated so that I am paying the correct taxe fonciere. Anybody know how to go about this properly?

Have you worked your way through the attached thread??? there are lots of ideas/suggestions therein…

If you check the description of what counts for surface habitable for the taxe foncière you might find that this relates to a corridor or something like that which doesn’t count. (There is a blue blob marked “info” beside each element)

However for any corrections you use your messagerie in your personal space on the impôts site.

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Basically you send them a message to say the property description is wrong, and they will more than probably tell you to complete a form giving all the measurements (is it the H1 or the H2, I forget) and send it to them. To complete the form you will have to measure the house.

Done a bit of digging and while on the ‘Biens immobiliers’ page one (too low) surface area is registered, if I click and download the pdf doc it says another higher surface which is closer to the one advertised. Can’t work out what difference between the two is

See comment from @JaneJones above - I think she is correct, normally it is liveable space not total space, there is a difference.

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I actually got it the wrong way round! For TdH it is surfacé reélle, so is often more than might be on your estate agent details. It is the number of rooms where this can be less than an estate agents’ details

“La surface affichée est la surface réelle (sauf indication contraire).
La surface réelle est différente de la surface habitable ou de la surface dite “Loi Carrez”.

  • la surface réelle se calcule de mur à mur ;
  • la surface habitable se calcule de mur à mur mais certaines zones sont déduites (les surfaces dont la hauteur sous plafond est inférieure à 1,80 m par exemple) ;
  • la surface dite “loi Carrez” est spécifique aux biens en copropriété : c’est celle qui est affichée dans les annonces immobilières.

Je constate que la surface de mon local n’est pas correcte. Comment puis-je faire pour la rectifier ?
Toutes les informations concernant votre bien que vous jugez manquantes ou erronées peuvent faire l’objet d’une demande auprès de l’administration via votre messagerie sécurisée sur votre espace particulier dans, en choisissant le thème « J’ai une question sur le descriptif de mon bien immobilier ».


It is not uncommon for your surface habitable to increase over the years. Just declare it and move on.

Be careful, make sure you declare to your home insurance company your exact living space. Otherwise….they won’t pay out if something goes wrong.