Inflation rising in France too

L'inflation accélère à 5,2 % sur un an en mai en France -]

So, according to this Infographic, UK inflation outlook between 10% and 19% compared to France at less than 5%.
I’m really not sure what point you seek to make…

Just that France is suffering with rising inflation too. Not comparing with UK. This is a forum about France after all. Why so defensive?


The French inflation rate is higher than it has been okay it isn’t as high as the UK but surely it can be commented on on a French forum?


No so much defensive as realistic and informative…
I downloaded my EDF bill for the last two months (May/June) moments before seeing your post. I couldn’t help but notice that, despite an increase in electricity prices during the billing cycle, the uplift was nothing near as comparable to the reported 54% increases in UK electricity prices reported here.

Of course France is seeing rising inflation as is the rest of the world; the Infographic from the IMF supports that, but there is a heck of a difference between the UK, France and the rest of the world.
There are worst places as shown.

Where was it indicated that it couldn’t?
I merely reported on the rest and my own direct experience for balance.
I certainly seem to get more bang for my buck out of my pension by living in France :wink:
Is there anything wrong with that?

Our electricity bills are up by about a third so not as bad as that happily.
I noticed the other day that a packet of cigarettes were £11.20 in the UK. Man in front of me in the queue bought 2 packets. How does anyone afford to smoke these days?!
Are prices being kept low artificially in France? I remember there were price controls when I lived there.

Surely controlling the economy is what governments are supposed to do, via various mechanisms including price capping, legislation, incentives, taxation, lending rates etc. I do not think that makes the prices “artifical”, you cannot realistically allow prices to be 100% controlled by market forces, supply and demand. It seems to me that France is overall more proactive than the UK in intervening when the economy is at risk of becoming imbalanced and volatile. For example the price of Covid tests and hygiene / medical protection products during the pandemic where apparently there was vast profiteering in the UK, while prices were controlled in France.


Is that enough though to discourage this habit?

Perhaps not then…

I gave up smoking in 1987 (standing by for reformed ex-smoker comments) and haven’t looked back since - in fact, I’m proud of my achievement particularly when I consider over the years what I have been able to do with the money saved over time.

Encouragement indeed.
Is that because of external influences perhaps?
Even though our bill for April/May is down on a direct comparison with the same period for last year and an increase in price from EDF, has the weather played a part in this perhaps? Those figures have not taken account of any relief provided by the French Government to us directly from the cheque energie.

Average temps (although I have no data to support it) between the two comparison periods may have been an influence…
As for UK prices, I was shocked to read that a single portion of the nation’s favourite staple dish - fish and chips - is now about £11.50.
How do people afford this?
I can understand why people stuff their cheeks with macdo at cheap prices but, it’s hardly a staple, is it?

I agree with @Sandcastle -

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Now I am shocked.


Will let you know what I’m about to pay. :yum:

For those on low incomes (eligible for the complémentaire santé) there are special tariffs for gas and electricity

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Well, I know where I’d rather be right now, and now even more delighted to have made the move. Totally relaxed way of life, plenty of space to roam around in unhindered, and now the cherry on the icing :grin: how lucky are we :grin:


Definitely not £11.50 in Yorkshire or my part of Cumbria, £8.50 in ‘posh’ chippies is normal and you get more than I can comfortably eat.

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I only quoted what I read from Reuters

and a further reference here:

Chicken Tikka?


surely, given the current events this week in UK, Coronation Chicken :wink:


Just had a quick look online - Bicester & Banbury prices look to be around £6-£7 for standard cod & chips. That’s about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK.

Just had fish & chips in a rainy Skegness at the best fish shop in town. Here’s part of the menu. Prices were to eat in.

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was the rain extra :rofl:


Well our ‘Menu du Jour’ prices rose from 14.00 Euro to 14.50 Euro for 4 courses incl. wine.
This is our bi weekly treat after french class.
Todays class was about rising prices and a ‘hard’ winter ahead and of ways to expand the vegetable garden and preserving food for the family.
Only applies if you are living in a rural area and have a garden - which we all have.
Will be interesting to see where this is going…