Info Covid-19 Masks and other stuff

the French government site is a useful source of information on many topics…

In case anyone misunderstands this screen shot… please look at the link above for the entire multi-page information which is available…


I suspect the illustration of levels of protection is misleading.
Can we really guarantee 100% protection?
What happened to hand washing?
What happened to 2m. social distancing?

Mike… if you look at the link… and follow what is there… everything is discussed… and it clearly states that masks are only one area of protection… and they do not replace the general safety precautions…

I merely put the mask idea up to show the reasoning behind joe public wearing a mask…to protect others from him… ( he may or may not have the virus, but if he wears the mask his breath should stay (to a degree) within the mask…

No idea where you got the 100% idea from… the graphics go from low to high…

here is another screen shot from the link I posted… it clearly states that the mask does not replace all the other safety precautions we should be taking… the mask is to be used when we are in locality/close contact with other people…

In case anyone misunderstands this screen shot… please look at the link in the first post for the entire multi-page information which is available…

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Niveau de protection in the final frame shows the pointer at maximum. I read that as total, or 100%.

Are we expected to observe only 1m. social distancing now?

It wasn’t obvious how to get to the additional information that you provided in your reply.

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Think the advice in France has always been 1m distancing, it’s got to be 2m in the UK because it’s mutated into a much more virulent strain that causes excess bullshit too.:joy:


Not bullshit Mark. Many countries consider 2m to be the preferred distance. 1m is the distance that droplets easily reach. I would much prefer to be well BEYOND that distance when I meet other humans at the moment, especially as the French have this terrible tendency to tailgate and struggle to remain even a meter away…

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It was (meant to be) a joke… I agree, 2m is a much safer distance, but almost impossible in practice.

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Sorry Mark - humour breakdown this end. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you find difficulty in following the link I posted… I am no dab-hand, but I did find that when I clicked on the various options etc… other pages opened up … right down to what is what in any department…

and the info you mentioned (handwashing etc) was clearly mentioned further down the same page as the link… no difficult clicking needed for that one. :slight_smile:

I wonder if you are over-thinking what are in fact simple-visuals… for Joe Public… even children… to show the bad… all the way to the good… :frowning: :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

the 1 metre is the minimum for open air… shops etc will be following whatever are the appropriate instructions…

the government are relying on folks’ common sense… but it seems that might be in short supply…

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are you talking cars or people… might be a tad unfair to tar a particular nationality…

I have seen folk standing/walking far too close in my view…
Some I know are Brits, some I know are French… some I have no idea of their nationality… :grin: :grin: and far too many have not been wearing masks… :frowning:

Sorry, I am guilty of being too much of a literalist, but thanks for the clarification.
It is important to see the “visuals” in their entirety.

Hi Mike… I presumed (obviously incorrectly) that folk would be interested enough to open the link… which is clearly offered in the first post…



As do “the British” Sue, it’s not confined to “the French”. You want to try visiting a supermarket in the UK, someone actually bumped in to me the other day and I was not amused. Social distancing is observed by some and not by others no matter where you are in the World it seems.
Izzy x

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I want a t-shirt saying “Where’s Your Mask?”

So many people in the supermarket (Charente Maritime) blithely waltzing around without face masks, as if the virus had gone away!

Came across a useful Chinese face mask chart.

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Ha ha… you’re very brave… showing a chart which quotes numbers…

someone is bound to jump in and query the accuracy of the figures… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


There is an amazing number of epidemiologists,virologists etc emerged during the pandemic,shame we didn’t know about them before


I imagine you might be right Stella, but outside of the numbers the chart gives a reasonable guide to the chance of being infected.

ha ha… like a dog with a bone… we can chew this over and over

I find the French wording short and sweet… and with the obvious visuals (in my opinion) … I can clearly understand what a plonker I would be to be anywhere near someone who is not wearing a mask… :crazy_face: :roll_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face: and, likewise I understand the responsibility I have towards others… to ensure that I too wear a mask.

Possibly, if I could read Chinese… that chart might well make a similar impact… :laughing: :joy: :crazy_face:

Another useful diagram I think. Current research suggests quite highly that if everyone wore face masks the spread would be much reduced.

Latest research suggests that cotton face masks properly made and properly worn, fits well, does reduce infection - I don’t think you need to be a scientist to understand what seems obvious to me.