Infrared heater, does such a thing work?

Hi There, happy xmas all. Has anybody got an Infrared heater and if so does it work well.?Read about this on an American site some where. Happy new year to all.



Yes, they are very good, We have Dutch friends who have several in their house. You can get them through Amazon, paypal and other sites.

Good morning all. I found this thread and thought I’d revive it.

We’ve made the move to France and boy oh boy when we arrived the house was cold cold cold.

So, we invested immediately in some IR panel heaters from a German company. Reviews we’re good but upon arrival they were very poorly made so are being sent back.

Does anyone have any recommendations of wall hung heaters? They don’t have to be IR, just pleasing to the eye and well made.

Our preference was App control capability so we could isolate warming up certain rooms on demand.


I have been looking at some on Amazon, but they get very mixed reviews.

Our neighbours have some panels ans they are very good, but also very expensive (approx 900 euros per panel).

Thanks, do you have the name of the company?

Just bumping this thread again as I’m contemplating getting some of these as I work from home but our house is badly insulated (we’re renting so not keen on paying to properly insulate the house myself).

Like others have said, I’ve seen mixed reviews online - some people love 'em, some people hate 'em. The Herschel ones seem to get the best reviews but they’re very expensive and not sure I can justify the cost. The Klarstein ones are more affordable but not such good reviews.

I’d appreciate any recommendations anyone may have, or conversely brands to avoid.

We put a small one in our bathroom. It wasn’t a branded heater. I think it was a waste of time since it takes so long to feel the heat. A fan heater is more effective, but it generally has a higher power rating

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Thanks, Peter… Good to know.

They can be good in some situations. Because they heat by radiation, they will warm your skin, but not the air. I had them in my workshop briefly but didn’t like the feeling of warm skin combined with breathing cold air - just above freezing in winter.
The fact that they heat by radiation alone has another drawback. If you double the distance between you and the radiator the effect is reduced significantly (75% in round numbers), which is very noticeable - look up inverse square law for more details.

Also, they do nothing to eliminate a damp environment. In the end, i removed the IR panels, increased the insulation and added a conventional electric radiator which I find much pleasant.


I think if you buy good panels they work well - 2 of our friends have them as their only source of heeting.

Just make sure and buy sufficiently big panels.

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Used them to keep newborn lambs warm, they worked.

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Keeping livestock warm is a perfect application for them.

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Sod the sheep, I want to keep myself warm :grin:

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The panels are not the same as the old infra-red heaters you occasionally got in a bathroom.

They can have any surface - painted as a colour, mirror finish, or like posters.

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I think the op was specifically about infra red heaters rather than those (I presume) radiant panels.

They are infra-red also.

They are impressive, when you walk past them you feel warmth from a distance.

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I hadn’t heard of those - do you have a link to a manufacturer?

This was just an example image of one from Amazon:

TROTEC Panneau à infrarouge TIH 900 S rayonnant infrarouge chauffage – 900 W - avec support pour fixation murale

No endorsement of this one as I don’t know it.

We have not installed them, friends have but I might do shortly. They seem to be lower powered than normal radiators.

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Herschel seem to be the best - but pricey.

These are more in line with what I was hoping to pay.

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Yeah, those are exactly the sort I’ve got my eyes on. :+1: