Insane UK energy prices

I’m half tempted given that UK prices are set rise further.

Right - so I’m paying 27 point something p per unit.

The above generator will run for 12 hours on 18l of diesel - current price for red diesel is ~ £1.06/l

66kWh for roughly £19 is 29p per unit.

OK, you’d need something like a powerwall plus controller that could run the generator at full tilt intermittently (a lightly loaded generator is an inefficient generator) but that calculation should just NOT work out at all.

Solar is, of course, the right answer - but running your own diesel genset for domestic power being price competitive with mains electricity is beyond insane.

That would go down like lead balloon with my neighbours….

Mine too - it’s not actually a serious suggestion but someone on Twitter was saying his business was being charged £1.20 a unit - at which point it starts to look worryingly attractive.

I blame the French for unashamedly exploiting UK consumers with their EDF tariffs :slightly_smiling_face:
But why not do it? I read the other day that UK based State pensioners will have but £11 per week available to spend after paying for their basic heating and electricity needs…


One problem is our stupid system for setting electricity price which makes the price per MWh equal to that for the most expensive energy source.

So, despite the fact that the 40-50% of our energy which comes from wind/solar hasn’t changed price we’re paying about 10x at retail for that chunk than we were before the current supply problems, just because gas is so expensive at the moment

You couldn’t make this stuff up :rage:


Looking back, we had a generator for our office for which we obtained a so called “suicide” cable so we could use it to power up the office systems in the event of a power outage. Not for the feint of heart…

Spain and France have some ideas…

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has complained previously that the EU pricing system gives gas a disproportionate influence on the setting of wholesale electricity prices, pushing them higher in recent months as winter nears.
Le Maire appealed to the bloc to review from top to bottom the functioning of the electricity single market, judging its current rules “obsolete.”

From El Pais…
“In the midst of an incipient energy crisis that threatens to lead the continent into a recession when it barely emerges from the blow of the pandemic. Under pressure from more and more partners, Brussels announced on Monday an “emergency” intervention, to stop the formidable escalation of prices and speculation in the markets. And Spain intends to lead these measures at the meeting that the energy ministers will have on September 9, the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, will propose the application of the electricity pricing mechanism that is now used in the Iberian Peninsula, the so-called Iberian exception, which has contributed in recent months to making [them significantly lower. It will also consider limiting the price paid for CO2 emission allowances, according to European sources.”

However, even if Spain and France are on the same page that is not the case for all the 27.

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 14.02.27

What do you read? Have just checked whether need to increase charges for our tenants in the UK, as they pay the real costs. It is now £108 a month for heating, hot water and all electricity. Last time I looked the basic State Pension was £600 + a month. Yes this is for a flat we have insulated to the Nth degree, and I guess some may live in large drafty houses. But even so, to spend over £500 a month they must be living in palaces.

I seem to recall the figure was £11 per day?

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you may be right John… I knew £11 featured somewhere (old age…) :slightly_smiling_face:
Can’t now find the reference sadly… but at least it sems I did’t just dream it up :wink:

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It was a Sky News report.
Sorry, couldn’t make a link.

ah… found it!

Imterestingly not same figures as the quoted company itself reports

Cornwall Insight


We have released new price cap figures following a wholesale price surge and Ofgem revising their cap methodology. We are predicting a typical household will pay the equivalent of: - £3,582 p/a from Oct - £4,266 p/a from Jan

85dbA at 7m :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker:. That’s about the level where permanent hearing damage can occur with repeated exposure. And at 7m distance. It could also probably loosen your window frames, depending upon the frequency :open_mouth:

It’s exactly the same in the EU, France has only kept the lid on prices due to direct government intervention with EDF. The EU are however working to modify the regulated market in order to decouple various energy sources from each other. The UK could do something similar if it wanted, but don’t hold your breath.

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Gas prices fell the other day, no doubt the consumers price will drop very soon, oh another thermal surfing pig. Bought a gas gettle the other day as its still much cheaper to boil water that way.