Problems logging in

yes that e mail address is correct.

You’re welcome, I can see you are now logged in so I’m going to close this topic ok?


yes ok thank you

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@barbara_deane1 - have you accidentally acquired a 2nd user name Barbara? @james?

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What error message are you getting?

@james, Barbara is stuck again :frowning:

Sorry Barbara, currently involved in several tasks simultaneously and my brain suffered acute failure.

I’ll try sending a password reset on your old account - look out for it in your email & let me know if it does not appear, but I have limited options for fixing things compared with @James

Did you get a password reset email?

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just wondering if your keyboard has been altered somehow- is it happening on both computer and phone?

vaguely wondering about cache corrupting - have you rebooted recently, deleted cookies or done any other cleanup type things?

I only use the website is there an app as well - if so could the app have got corrupted and need deleting and reinstalling?

Have you looked for the email in your Junk box in Hotmail?

@billybutcher resend perhaps?

@james !!!

I’ve resent a password reset email to you, please use it to regain access to your @barbara_deane1 account

Creating new accounts when you can’t login to your original one is not a viable solution.

It looks like you are currently logged in to your original account via Microsoft Edge browser and you are also logged in with this new account with Google Chrome. Please return to Edge and try that account, if that doesn’t work, try the passwoird reset again. Remember passwords are case sensitive. :slight_smile:

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I meant Chrome not Firefox, you are logged in with two accounts, your original in Edge and the new temporary one in Chrome

Oddly enough the couple staying in our gite is an IT consultant.

O. another note I may have a plan for moving forward,


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Well we are all trying to keep warm or making plans for that to take place.
After our saga with the electricity bill last season we hope that we can sort things out.
My spy never told us that he was such but he almost got killed whilst in the middle East and spoke all sorts of different Arabic dialects. We never got to know him well even though we holidayed together a few times. His wife was an associate and a friend but our friendship died mysteriously.

All very odd.
One min i am logged in and then latter unable to log in.