Problems logging in

can not log into Survive France

You are logged in. Otherwise you would not be able to post!!

well getting a message that i am not logged in or a member tried to log in with FB
and this is no longer possible
Something has gone wrong


@billybutcher perhaps split this from the current topic and move to a new one under Forum Support?
I guess the member is logged in on her mobile but can’t get in on her PC…

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@barbara_deane1 - Barbara, can you clarify the situation. As @cat says if you are not logged in you shouldn’t be able to post, are you using two devices as @graham suggests?


I am unable topost a new topic
unable to sign in vis Facebook as i usually do
Unable to reply to posters unless there is a reply button.

Graham i do not have a smart phone

and LOG IN does not recognise Barbara Deane

There would need to be an underscore in there Barbara_Deane, is that how you are entering it?

Not sure about FaceBook logins, it’s not a feature I’ve ever used.

Not sure what I can do as a moderator - I can’t see how you last authenticated to the system whether it was through Facebook or a “normal” login.

You get the same error message whether you get the username or password wrong - this is common so that people can’t guess usernames until they hit a valid one, then try to get the password.

@james might have “extra” powers.

Idid not set it up to have an underscore
However logging in via facebook once worked.


it is forced by the system when setting up the account since a space is forbidden… After that, it is necessary to include it whether you intended it or not.
Perhaps if the underscore is a problem for you, @james can change your username to say, BarbaraDean or similar to make life easier? but you would need to approve that with him first.

I’d log out of both pc and phone and ensure there were no forgotten windows open on SF in any browser on either. would do same with Facebook.

Then clear all cookies (I’d take the opportunity to do a system file cleanup since I have the tools but prob not necessary), reboot each device if I was a real perfectionist then choose either pc or phone (not both) to log into SF on. Probably use the send-me-a-link-to-log-in button too as that’s less typing before it rejects it if it’s going to…

@barbara_deane1 Regarding FB, this resource might be helpful…

Presumably, your login to FB is the same… if you change your username in SF, the FB login to SF might fail for that reason.
I’m not a FB user so unable to check that.

I’ve removed your Facebook login association, so now you can set it up again in case there were any issues with it. If that fails then perhaps we have an issue on our side with FB authentication

Thanks i will try to set it up again.

James when trying to log in and get a new password my e mail address is not recogniced,
Something odd?

No Cat I am not logged in.



Well then you have a clone!!!

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It looks like Barbara is submitting reposnses by email so is not necessarily logged on to the Survive France website.


I forgot that route.