Insects & Ultra Sound Repellents


This is our first 'March' in our rural property so we are getting different maybe seasonal insects.

For a few weeks we have had red winged & bodied insects that seem to drop down from the ceiling, particularly the area of our chandelier in the evening. We also had a temporary invasion of ants on the wooden floor.

I wondered whether anyone had tried the plug-in insect & rat & mouse repellents advertised on Amazon France & UK. They seem to have mixed reviews. Or is there anything better available? In the UK we used some spray on barrier stuff called 'Dethlac' that was very effective.




I promised to give some feedback on the Home Sentinel plug-in doofer to use technical terms. It arrived Wednesday afternoon & has been flashing away ever since. The dog took no notice but the red insects went crazy-about 10 dropped onto my wife!

However, none seen since other than a dead one on the floor.

So far so good-no ants either.


Rat Poo having digested non toxic monitoring bait. Glows under UV light!

Robert Moon posted an excellent pdf guide on page 2 of this thread, including intriguing ways of turning rat poo green so you can track 'em!


Roland has just appeared for the first time this year ....last year we were told that pepper is a good deterrent for rats ....and that it was our fault for feeding the birds (so far, I THINK - hope) he has not come into the house ! Later this year, if it is like last, he will bring his family of 'wife' and two small ratlets with him .....our cat goes out to hunt them after they have gone - she sits and watches them whilst they are feeding under the bird tables ......but we were advised not to put down rat poison as it would likely kill the cat as well - and as long as they don't come into the house, and disappear when I am around, they are quite cute ....trouble is, they are vermin and I really don't want them here ! Anyone have any other ideas how to get rid of them from the garden - without poison > apart from the pepper ?

Electrical plug in ones with no chemicals???

My elder son has always been able to hear them and finds them irritating. Nobody else can, though.

Are these plug-ins good for human health? carciogenic maybe?

We've got a miniature schnauzer, Rocco, who barks at everything including the vine workers and the builders who are daily visitors at the moment. We don't have rats or mice as far as I know.


Apologies, the English and French one are under 7MB but the Dutch one is over 7MB, if anybody wants a copy in Dutch, please PM me.


And Dutch

and French

Files too big so send in one go:


As per a previous recent post, try de-tuning your radio so you get white noise, it stresses rodents out because of the constantly changing pitch. A stressed rodent will go elsewhere.

Ants, pheromone traps are good, placed as close to the nest as possible; the young ants take food direct to the queen whereas the older ones forage for new food source (the opposite occurs with rodents).

Aerosols or bombs, don't bother with unless you have an immediate problem as they have no residual effect. The best non-professional insect treatment is crawling insect powder (poudre d'insectes rampant), dust the infected area, you could also mix a little icing sugar into the powder as it works as an attractant.

I've attached 3 folders, in English, Dutch and French. It gives ideas on rodent prevention, detection and treatment.

Hope it helps.


If he's coming through the door, sprinkle some coffee grounds around the threshold. They don't like it.

To be honest, we've never repelled anything with any gadgets or smellies. Can't help with insects, but there's only one way to stop mice and rats, the Ratzapper. Plastic box with batteries (or mains) with two metal plates in its floor. Put some bait (peanut butter is infallible on a bit of biscuit) in the closed end and turn on. Place it at one edge of a room where you know the rodents pass through, and when the red light flashes empty it into the bin and replace with more bait. You might hear the zap. It is completely humane, instant death. We've had some of ours for 15 years, still working well each spring. You don't need to touch the dead rodent or handle potentially painful or unhygenic springs.

The so-called "humane" traps involve catching live mice and releasing them back to the wild. They'll be back. Pointless.

The little red flying things come in with the wood for your stove. They're harmless and just feed on dead insects, apparently. A french chap told me they were 'necrophiles'. I don't know if he was right or not. Our cat eats them!

Cats are the best deterrent for rodents....I have skirting board mouseholes (like Tom n Jerry), but haven't seen any mice for a year or two now. The cats are non toxic (as well as great company if you treat them, well as good as dogs and cleaner) and will show you where there is a problem because they will sit it out for hours, lying in wait for a mouse to come over the parapet...I feel sorry for them....(.'I don't hate them mices to pieces).

The only downside is that on one or two ocassions outside in the garden I have caught them trying to petrify the voles...which I have then had to rescue....and I have also had to rescue any unfortunate bats that fly in during the summer....

My garden is getting rather lumpy as there is a colony of moles (living in holes)...... ;

Yes, but...we're worried about ant powder and other products because our (very) curious cat, i.e. not an unusual cat just nosey! She'll lick up anything that she fancies but we haven't had a mouse, glis glis or rat since she arrived a year ago.