Installation of Log Burners

Good morning all,

We want to install 2 log burners and have been looking at prices to buy which seem very reasonable. However, we would need to have them installed but our our French is minimal at the moment :frowning:
So i have two questions. Firstly does anyone have any recommendations for installers in the Franche Comte area? Secondly, any advice / guidance.
Oh, I have reached out on Artisan Anglais and am awaiting a response.
Many thanks in advance.

In my area of France… there are folk who sell the log-burners and also install them. It is part of their package and they are fully competent and insured to do this work. :relaxed:

Hopefully, you will find the complete package is also available in your area… :relaxed: it is well worth seeking them out, in my opinion.

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And it’s my experience too that the French heating engineers, who have businesses anywhere that there are potential English-speaking customers, speak good English and are eager to be of service: helping you choose an affordable wood-burner to meet your needs and your preferred style; installing it and testing it, showing you how to use it to best effect; and providing the after-sales service that wood-burners require, including ramonage (chimney sweeping/maintenance).

All work insured and guaranteed. And a worthwhile investment in the local community, that will be repayed with interest.

I am not a French heating salesman BTW :smiley:!

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Great post Peter, that has been my experience too.

Just to add, and I hope i’m giving correct info that certain woodburners which are deemed more ‘eco-friendly’ will entitle you a tax refund of 30% of the cost price.

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Where in the Franche Comté are you? It’s a big department and few artisans speak english… if you are near Lons then Gotti have a good reputation.

We ended up only buying the stove from them, and having it installed by our own chauffagist who is qualified installer. It has been worth while building up a relationship with a local firm, as they do all our plumbing too. In small places you can find that plumber A will often work with electrician B and builder C, and getting into their network pays dividends.

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Sharon said she is in the Franche Comté, so this is rather unlikely.

Thanks @JJones, Jane. I am gradually building up a picture (albeit still patchy and murky) of the very varied regions of this country and every insight from better-informed others helps :+1:. It’s a fascinating undertaking.

It’s easy to overemphasise the place of UK immigrants in France if you live somewhere or near somewhere that has a noticeable population.

But France has a population of around 66million, of whom some 6-7 million are immigrants. Only about 2% of those immigrants are from the UK, and about 80% of those live in the large urban areas. So in rural departments like mine I think there were about 300 ex-UK residents in the most recent assessment - spread over 5000km2. We are not an obvious immigrant population here.

Your point is well made and well taken, Jane. We live in rural Normandy which is not bare of immigrant anglophones. And even here very few Normands admit to speaking or understanding English, but enterprising business men and women will make the effort to gain custom.

The robust lady who manhandled our log burner into position, spoke no English but was keen to help us. She insisted on a visit to check the chimney and to make sure we were buying a suitable fire. It took a bit of juggling with the dictionary to get to the bottom of what she was talking about… but she did a fantastic job and, years later, we have no hesitation in still recommending her to all and sundry… :relaxed:

Last we heard, her son was being trained to take over the reins, eventually. It’s nice to have family businesses which have a good history.

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Where are you?i live in Haute Saône near Vauvillers and may be able to help you. Nearest big Towns Luxeuil and Vesoul


I’m in the Jura, where are you? Franche Comte was a region (now joined with Burgundy), so you will need to be a bit more specific.

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I’m surprised there are as many as 300, last year I read something that said 73 or thereabouts! Think we mostly like it that way though.

I’m not bothered either way really either. If we meet nice people that”s great whatever their nationality. But we’ve just spent a few days in the Perigord and I’m very pleased not to live there!

I guess if you are north of Dole them the Haute Saõne could be accessible. But generally look locally!

In the Auvergne we tend to get a lot of Dutch /Belgians

The Perigord? Singular? Which one? It sounds as though it wasn’t the right one.

One was quite enough thanks! The others can wait until I’ve visited all the other bits of France, as still have quite a few places I want to see.

Well that doesn’t answer a thing. What a shame, you use false information to write off an area of France then avoid actually saying where you went. 2/10.

What is that supposed to mean?
She doesn’t have to say where she went, especially as by the sound of it it wasn’t great, so not saying anything avoids further hoo-ha.
People may go where they please, for whatever reason, don’t you think :grinning: and even the nicest places can have off days.


Quite agree Jane, I quite enjoy visiting all four of them but I couldn’t live in any of them.
Why ?
Well, there’s too many Brits and it rains a lot.

Just my opinion of course…