International Driving Licence for car rentals.?

I know one can drive on a uk driving Licence in France until it expires but what about hiring. My daughter is renting a car from La Rochelle airport and has been told that she needs an IDP. Anyone had experience of renting from La Rochelle able to help.

UK post offices issue them over the counter for about £7. There are 3 types make sure you get the one for France.The AA used to be able to issue them too. Passport type photo needed


Btw unsure why this is being requested, should not be needed


Essentially all an IDP is a translation document, so presumably just for their convenience. The UK is now a third country, like Russia, so my guess is that’s the company policy to make it easier for their employees to check documents.

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I have an IDP issued by ANTS for a UK licence.

So do I, and it was free…

But if person lives in the UK they won’t have access to an ANTS account.

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it’s really Not that bad :relaxed:

What I had to present last time I hired a car was the DVLA statement to show no driving restrictions or speeding convictions etc, downloaded from the DVLA website.

If the Rental Company want an IDP strikes me that’s what they want… however, if it’s just hear-say… perhaps best to check with the Rental Company itself and provide whatever they do require.

Before arriving pre-Brexit, when many things were still up in the air, and specifically validity of UK driving licences, I did get an IDP. Very very simple - visited the post office with, from what I can remember, a passport photo and my UK driving licence photocard. There was a fee of course, as there always is :grinning:, but I don’t remember it being very much at all. So I got one as a precautionary measure but have never had to use it.

If you don’t mind me asking, how much of a faff was that to arrange? My U.K. DL photo card has several years to run yet.

Very easy and quick but that was before Brexit and Covid, I did everything on-line.

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Took 5 minutes on line, and arrived a week later.

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Because it was dropped as a requirement.

Which rental company requires it Irene?

@ NotALot…Please note the International Driving PERMIT is not a licence so does not replace the UK licence but provides a translation of it.

Does that mean as I am now a resident of France stuck with a UK licence for a number of years, this would be a good reason to set up an account with ANTS and ask them to issue an IDP?

Corona - I will ask my daughter when she gets here.

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Something to do on a rainy day perhaps. Not essential, may never be used, but just might serve a function one day.

Thanks Jane that is definitely going on my list

The hire company was europcar. Jen said she contacted the actual company and was told they still wanted the IDP plus two actual bills less than 8 weeks old to include one for the credit card she paid on as well as the usual DVLA code and ID docs plus Insurance docs for car hire to avoid massive hold on her card. Her proof of identity bills were copies of online invoices as she does most of her payments on line and her one ‘real’ bill was rejected as one month too old but she had printed out a spare. Everything was checked at the rental counter and she had to leave £500 deposit for fuel. She frequently hires cars in the UK and US and said this was the most complex documentation she had ever been asked for!
However immigration just wanted passport and paper copy of vaccination certificate and did not ask for her attestations.