Internet drops-off same time of day...any thoughts as to why?

Why does my Internet connection drop off at around the same time…??

During the last year, I noticed it would go off-line at around 7.30am…(I had to unplug and replug )…for about 3 consecutive days … then months of all OK… then back to playing tricks again… come the Winter… nothing untoward. yippee…

Went off-line this morning… and I realized that this is the third day :thinking:… but this year it has been dropping at 8.30am

What speed are you generally getting stella?
As it’s a ‘contended’ service, other users on your segment might be reducing your service (perhaps a neighbour’s son streaming his games console before going to school?)
Other than that, it might be a regular update to your Livebox (assuming Orange). Are there any indicators on your router when the service drops out?

We have a dreadful internet service, right out at the furthest point from the box so we are lucky if we get 2mbs.

However the worst is young Cedric (a neighbour’s son) and his gaming, we know when he is at home! Luckily he boards at school 4 nights a week - which is a result of his gaming as he never did his homework so sent off to a school that doesn’t allow his computer to come with him. But we know there’s no point trying to access anything after 5pm on Friday night.

It’s a “Freebox” we have… for many years now…(been swapped after storm-damage etc)… do other Freebox folk have similar experiences… ??

The router stays lit up… led all ok and time is fine… the only indication is when I cannot open a site… and I look down to the bottom of the screen and notice there is a bar through the internet logo thingy… I’ve tried waiting to see if it comes back automatically (go off and have a shower)…but it does not. I have to disconnect/reconnect the box and wait while it goes through its bells and whistles.

I dont know why it does it, we sometimes have the same problem. I used to try to work out if it was people in our bites, but strangely enough, in the summer, kids with phones, tablets etc, it works better. I got to wondering if there is some hidden protocol allowing games to have a greater priority (than web browsing) over network capacity. :thinking:

according to this site our ligne 2.27Mbps (whatever that means, not much good I suspect).

Our American friends used to link-in to our network…for 10 weeks in Summer…they’d sit outside our house… tapping away. But in recent years they have sorted their own package…

I didn’t notice a slowing/reduction when they were here…but perhaps that was just down to luck.

All you people with 2mbps or more don’t realise how lucky you are :wink:

On a good day we get about 0.275mbps and on a bad day we just don’t bother.

Oh dear Mandy… blasted nuisance isn’t it. I vowed to give up all gadgetry when we came to France… but it has been sneaking back into my life. :roll_eyes:

so many projects on the go (for others) that the wobbly internet is doing my head in… ah well, in future I shall just breathe a deep sigh… relax and pour another glass… (even at 8.30am if it gets bad enough):wink::wink::wink:

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I just realised that we have nine computers between us. That’s a laptop each, two tablets each (why two I’m not sure), a smartphone each and a battered old laptop that’s 12 years old and is horribly slow and noisy but we keep it for “emergencies”.

That’s just shocking! :open_mouth:

I’ve given in and finally got my own mobile…no fancy extras…bog standard with large screen, 5 euro’s a month…and I’ve found out how to text… wow… our daughter is very impressed. It lives in my pocket (on silent/quaking mode) and I just tell all my associates to text me…as that suits me best. :relaxed::relaxed:

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Our phones are both donations from my Mum when she upgraded her contracts. I have an iphone 4 and hubby an iphone 5. We both have the cheapest internet contracts with Leclerc at 3€50 per month. Works perfectly for me as I spend most of my time at home and I can use Facetime to speak to my UK family. Better than Skype particularly with our very poor internet connection.

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Wow iphones…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

I know. We are proper posh!!! :grin::wink:

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I know I go on about it but…for all you folks with a crappy ADSL (fixed line) internet connection have you tested your eligibility for a Bouygues 4G Box recently? If you have a good Bouygues 4G mobile signal where you are, then you may very well be eligible - especially in more rural areas. Fabulous speeds - just tested mine - 57Mbps down and 43Mbps up this evening.

Check it out anyway :

I used an Orange 4G box while my ADSL was out of action and it too was excellent.

No 4g where we live unfortunately.

I’m not a fan of fb…I used to like it but I noticed censorship of free speech creeping in and now it seems full of memes…I use watsapp to keep in touch with my family in uk…easy to download easy to install on your phone…totally free to use…x :slight_smile:

I’ve got an orange livebox…now and again it drops out for a short time but it’s so random that I’ve not been able to spot a specific pattern except possibly in inclement weather…A message comes up saying to reset it but I just ignore it…,take the Collies for a walk and when I come back it has invariably reset itself…by the time I get back in I might catch it saying “phone ok…internet ok…” but mostly the two green lights displaying as normal…

When you say “fb” I assume you mean Facebook. I’m talking about Facetime which is an iphone app and is very similar to Skype but can only be used between iphones.