Internet speeds

So we recently moved and quite frankly the internet here sucks.

I can comfortably get 4g in my mobile but my provider does not offer 4g at home service. Box on speed test is showing 1.7meg speeds but im only pulling in 200kb’s on downloads.

Got a new box today but no change at all.

tried connecting on 5 diferent ,obile devises a computer and laptop hardwired and wifi all the same.

Anyone have any advice to offer or some other solution ie satellite or such like.

My location is GALEZ 65330

Change provider to get 4G.

I have the same problem so I have some sympathy.

Have a look at this post from Simon Armstrong. It might be the solution for you. Not for us though as we don’t have 4G here.

Have a look at this map to see what is possible in your patch. If there’s isn’t the network then your choices are more limited and connecting different mobiles to your box won’t make a difference.

A lesson I’ve learnt is to check internet speeds before I make my next move!

interesting link Jane… sadly, it tells me that my internet is poor (but alive) and nothing much is going to improve in the foreseeable future… :roll_eyes:

If you get 4G with a decent speed on your mobile, either change to a 4G provider or tether your mobile?

@anon88888878 has a post on this, I’ll find it

have paired my mobile but have used all my data. they gave me 2 months with an extra 40 gig but nothing has changed, show me i have 1.7meg this morning but my speed on computer is 200 kbits.

this is not available in my area, i was debating satellite internet

plus the 4g box now is limited to 200 gig on Bouygues

Which provider does your mobile phone get 4G through? If you’re worried about a 200gig limit you will need deep pockets if you go for a satellite system.

But…that’s massive Harry! I have IPTV, chromebook, tablet, phones, security cameras, home security and google home - all connected and I don’t get anywhere near 200GB / month!

Have you moved away from the dangerous road Harry?

yes i was just replying to the fact that it said it was unlimited buts its not unlimited anymore.

200 gig is easy to use when your running live feed 360 degree camera videos.

I am not worried about costs, i never raised the cost issue a all, if i have to pay more for a decent connection im good with that and last month i used 362 gig of data, 80 on my phone, 40 from my home bonus to mobile.

Ive tried looking for decent satellite providers but coming up empty. Hence why I asked the community.

this does not answer my question and not something i am even bothered about. DO you know a decent satellite provider>?

I will ignore you’re rude response and reply to your latest question. There are no decent satellite providers. Those who do exist work out very expensive if you require more than about 30Gb per month.
Have you moved from the busy road?

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To clarify. What im looking for is all sorts of solutions, 4g is out of the question unless im going to run up a huge mobile bill every month, currentyl its costing me over 100€ extra in mobile data on top of my bill.

What satellite solutions are there out there, anyone know a mobile provider that has a specific package for internet only?

My apologies Harry - obviously I had no idea you had such enormous data usage - just trying to help :slight_smile: The info quoted was on my post from a year ago - things change :wink:

However, just for the record, nobody (currently!) comes anywhere near the Bouygues 200GB monthly allowance in terms of mobile 4G data.

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yeah i know. figured satellite might be able to get more data even if it costs more. but no one does it it seems…

360 degree videos suck up lots of data and other things too. kids wife, work away on net flicks, other downloads etc. all adds up.

SFR tried to convince my wife if we swap to them thy can offer us 8 meg connection I asked for it in writing as the maximum we can get here is at best 2 meg fia fixed line.

Ive just upgraded to 100 gig with orange now but its not cheep so with the 40 gig allowance for crap internet will have to settle for that for now.

I’m confused. Are you unable to get a Bouygues 4G signal as 200Gb of high speed connection is a lot better than 100Gb of slow.

here is my earlier comment in reply to the Bouygues service, so to re answer the question ive already answered no its not available. the 100 gig is on my mobile contract. hope you don’t find this reply too rude either

i get 100 gig plug 40 gig of 4g on orange but once its used im cut off and speeds of only 50kbits. no one else can offer 4g here it seems here.

I have found your contribution to this thread very difficult to follow. As usual I offered genuine information which you dismissed for no reason.
I also looked at your website today and see that you have moved. I was interested to know if you have moved away from the dangerous stretch of road that you have written about before. Why this genuine enquiry is not worthy of an answer is beyond me.

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