Is Charente a good area to live?

Flying to Limoges at the end of this month June 2019 and staying in Rochechouart. Looking for a property to buy up to 50,000 euros. Searching through agents at present but if anyone knows anywhere for sale without agent? TIA

Lived in the Charente (16260) for 11 years (not too far from Rochechouart) so yes, a good place to live.
Best of luck finding a suitable property or some land on which to build (which is what we did - saves ‘investing’ in a money pit).
In the meantime, have you looked at this site?

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Have you looked on Le Bon Coin? You can filter out the properties for sale via an agent. Here’s a link and good luck in your search. Kind regards.

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First of all, welcome to Survivefrance. You will find it to be a very useful resource.
I don’t know anywhere currently in your price range personally but good luck with your property search.


How much work are you looking to do on the property?


Do you want a garden and do you want to be in Rocheouart?

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Thank you Graham looking forward to my search can’t wait to start my search.

Hi Teresa want some outside space and not necessarily in Rochechouart

Part restoration don’t mind new kitchen and bathroom but would like safe roof

Thank you Vanessa

Thank you Joyce had a quick look

Hi Beverley,

We live in Poitou-Charente not far from Rochechouart. It’s beautiful here. Beauty is, as they say, in the eyes of the beholder. I hope you find what you are seeking!

Hi Mary
Many thanks for your response I am very much looking forward to my visit first time in that area.

I’ve lived in the Charente for 21 years, bought and sold 4 houses, the last one in Angouleme. We took a 1 year break living in Paris, then came back. Lived in the countryside for most of those years. So, obviously, we love the Charente! It’s going to be tough finding something on your budget, but not impossible. I can tell you this, real estate is amazingly inexpensive in Angouleme, but it is a fast growing town, so probably rising in prices. A great place to invest, IMO.

Hi Nancy many thanks for your comments about the area. My budget is flexible but wanted to start small with my investment. I will check out Angouleme as I am not set on area as yet and thank you for the tip.

There is a Facebook group "French property for sale under €50,000 " you might find useful.

Thank you Valerie will check this out.

I belong to this group, I joined it while helping search for a property for a friend. It’s very interesting to see what can still be had below this price …

HI Beverley, we bought a house in the Charente in March this year (like you we did not know the area, we had always been looking in the Dordoge/Lote et Garonne).
We were indeed impressed with the region and spent time in Verteuil sur Charente, a lovely small town and visiting around that area but ended up buying in the South East of the region in a small hamlet between Aubeterrre and Bonnes. Which is about about 50 km south of Angouleme, similar distance to Periguex and about 70km to Bordeaux. Lovely rolling countryside, quiet but seem to be some nice places around. As we have not spent that much time there yet, difficult to say, but I feel comfortable with the location.
Anyway, wishing you good luck - I guess you are now back from your trip so how did it go ?

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Hi Anne

Thank you for your kind message. What style of house did you buy? Did you find it through an agent or private? Had you been looking for a long time?

I thought the Charente was a lovely area what we saw of it only wished I had time to see more. We viewed about a dozen properties with several agents and I did put an offer forward on one which I
subsequently found out had been sold to someone privately. I will be resuming my search and hopefully will get over to France again very soon. I wish you all the luck with your property, will you just be using it as a holiday home or are you intending to live
in it permanently?

Kind regards