Is France really this bad?

(Catharine Higginson) #1
I read this blog post the other day and wondered what you all think?

Please have a read and post your comments here!

C x

(Miles Barrington) #2

I like to drink that last bit with hot water, like bovril but vege. Really makes the best use and cleans that last of the marmite jar out. Then I like to use the clean fresh jar for rawl plugs, unusual teabags or if they last long enough, sweets.

(Tracy Thurling) #3

All you need to do to get the last scraping out of the jar is to add a little hot water, then add to your cooking in the normal way.

(James Higginson) #4

Jar still not quite empty;

(Catharine Higginson) #5

I ended up writing to CIPAV by recorded delivery saying basically ’ this is a token amount as a gesture of good faith but I can’t possibly owe you that amount of money so please don’t send the huissiers just yet" and got a reply in much the same vein - system is overloaded - we will get back to you.

In the meantime, the Chamb des met emailed me viz James’ new venture in February, and I haven’t heard from the since! Good thing he is up to his ears in renovations and not gagging to start a business. But imagine if you were and needed to get going…The mind boggles.

(Tracy Thurling) #6

Very well put Catharine, I have deleted my previous post as due to the removal of the offensive blog post, it is no longer relevant and as Catharine said, let sleeping Marmite jars lie…
And as for the taxes - have you tried phoning RSI Prof Liberale lately - it just says due to the exceptional number of calls, please try later! Could be something to do with them sending out their demand on Friday, then being closed on Monday and they want paying by this Friday!!!

(Catharine Higginson) #7

Pops head round corner warily

Blimey, I haven’t experienced a similar amount of vitriol since I snogged Linda Bowler’s boyfriend at the 6th form leavers disco in 1988. She subsequently wreaked her revenge by smacking me over the back of the head with a tennis racket, during double PE the following day. In hindsight, I can’t say I blame her.

I feel less charitably inclined towards the still anonymous poster, who is now claiming that she’s been forced to close down her blog, due to being 'outed.’ Please…This is hardly Belle de Jour…

I’d already decided yesterday, that I wasn’t going to demean myself by responding to her ridiculous and personal accusations and it seems that the post and comments about me, have now been removed in any case. I did comment on my blog but I happen to agree with Diana for various reasons and suggest we drop the subject and let sleeping Marmite jars lie…

Now let’s get back to what we do best - being helpful, sharing advice and moaning about taxes!

Ducks back round corner in case any one is creeping up behind her armed with a tennis racket

(Tracy Thurling) #8

Oops, just had a look about at the blog again and seen it was me telling the lies! I apologise, I really was under the impression that the blogger had been an active member of another forum, making negative comments all the time about France, good job I didn’t say which user I thought it was.
Still, at least everyone knows my name along with Catharine’s and we still don’t know the identity of the mystery blogger.

(Louise Smith) #9

I found the original post an interesting read, its nice to hear different sides to peoples experiences in France, so good for Catherine for sharing it.

The ‘Spitting Bile… yet again’ response… where do you start. Makes quite sad reading such bitterness on peoples opinions about a ‘public’ blog post.

(Diana Newnham) #10

Oh dear, I have read the Marmite response and really feel that ‘no responses to her comments’ would be more appropriate than everyone jumping in, Harry Hill ‘fight’ style. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and maybe enough has been said? Maybe best to just let sleeping Marmite pots lie?

(Tracy Thurling) #11

What lies have we been telling. We are merely reading a blog that has very differing views on France to those of our own, we could easily start a France versus UK thing but what would be the point. I love it here, I’m not terribly happy about the current run of strikes, I’m absolutely livid about all the impots, CSG/CRDSs demands, RSI demands (900 euros for a CA of 512€ in my first month that I have already paid as AE) and my daughter’s schooling baffles me at times - back to school tommorrow, then next week no school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. However, if you are not happy with your life, do something about it; Ok, getting my own business of the ground is so complicated here but hell, I’ll just have another Kir and contemplate life a bit more, why rush these things, there is always tommorrow and the kids are at school all day tommorrow even though it’s Wednesday. Perfect!

(Catharine Higginson) #12

As we are all about transparency on SFN I thought you might like to read the comment left by the author of this post on my blog and my reply:

Previously (Very) Lost in France has left a new comment on your post “Caught Red Handed”:

Catharine, I am extremely surprised and disappointed that you have used one of my blog posts in order to whip up ill feeling towards me, knowing full well that I am not a member of your ‘network’ and thus, had I not been tipped off by another member, would not have known about all the lies that you are permitting your members to repeat about me. Shame on you, really, SHAME ON YOU!

And my reply:

As an aside, it is interesting that you know my name and yet I don’t know yours - or rather have opted not to use it in case you prefer to remain known as Mrs Marmite.

In any case, I have not “used your blog posts to whip up ill feeling towards me’” - I think that statement is verging on the paranoid.

I simply thought yours was an interesting perspective and one worthy of debate. I would have thought that you would been aware that any of your blog posts are in the public domain and if you are not comfortable with that, then maybe you shouldn’t be posting.

I had an idea you were an SFN member but whether you are or not is neither here nor there. There are individuals posting and commenting on the subject on facebook who have no connection with SF.

And SF is not the thought police! If people have an opinion they should be allowed to express it and your accusation that I am “permitting (sic) members to lie about you” is extremely unpleasant.

Best wishes


(Catharine Higginson) #13

Double awww!

(Diana Newnham) #14

They certainly are… and of course I have told them to join SFN…

(Catharine Higginson) #15

Aw - that is just the nicest thing. Your buyers sound amazing.

(Diana Newnham) #16

Thanks Catherine… he was one of those dogs you get every so often… very special and sadly missed… Luckily our lovely buyers have said they will care for him after we have left the house, so that has helped ease our worries.!! x

(Catharine Higginson) #17

@ Diana - just read your doggy blog btw and its is lovely x

(Diana Newnham) #18

None of us really know what the area we move to is really like, as would be the same in the UK. We have been in the Correze for 7+ years… there are ups and downs about this area as there will be when we move to Lower Normandy in a couple of months.

Tracy, how sad she is to rant continously… maybe she was not that keen on living the rest of the family’s dream in the first place.

Who knows… and to be quite honest… who really cares!!

(Catharine Higginson) #19

It seems a bit like when people constantly tell you how great their area is - we all know that there is no such thing as the perfect location and there are good and bad things about every region in France (or anywhere else). My outtake is that when people do that, they don’t actually like where they live and reassuring themselves…

(Tracy Thurling) #20

No it’s not that bad at all, that’s why we live here and she doesn’t. This lady is the author of many contentious remarks on the Total France Forum and was always very negative about France the whole time she was here. She still posts from the UK (under another user name as she upset a lot of people) and raves about how superior the UK is.