Is it me

Or has the AE tax rate gone up...Again!

Just did the teledeclaration and by my reckoning 1.7%

If they did that in the UK, MP's heads would be on spikes in front of the tower.

Why? Why does this country punish those on low'ish incomes? Why do people put up with it?

Crikey, I think we'll just do nothing and go on the 'chaumage' Oh wait, beacuse we're AE we can't. :-(

when we tried to do nicholas as an AE - his cat

I know. We need to get into the system ;-)

I presumed OH is French and we're talking about the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger. Otherwise it's a caisse that I'm unaware of and like you, Tracy and Alex, CFE for me is the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises ...?!

What is CFE - I only know about the Centre de Fomality des Entreprises, which is simply an administrative body (that still managed to muck up my transition from AE to EI)

thanks Alex and Andrew and Br

they don't know what they're talking about! 24% paid as an AE is almost all charges sociales with a percentage of tax in there too ;-)

Tim - the intermittents de spectacle cost the rest of us a fortune :-O

OH is a musician. I think we'll need to get him into that system but his rates will then have to go through the roof to cover things. Mind you, at least he'll then be paid in the off season (aka milk 'em dry before they bleed you dry.)

Mind you it is changing. The percentage charge has gone up since and is apparently up again in the new year plus the CFE tax will be paid by each AE, even if there could be several in a single household. It is becoming recognised as the main means of earning a livelihood although it looked like it was going to be killed off for a while. Ultimately it looks like the government has decided to retain and even encourage entrepreneurs but will treat them like everybody else. We shall being paying through the nose in time, so enjoy what we have while it lasts. Each time I get my FEDAE newsletter I cringe when I read it, changes in law are no longer giving the most recent ones time to become established and give us a good idea about what is really going on.

to be perfectly honest Andrew I'm getting so confused by everything - everytime I think we've got it sussed I see a new comment on here or somewhere else and it throws me... I know that running a Chambre D'Hote (me) I'm an AE and can earn up to 32ish - Nicholas is a CFE and can earn the same ish... but we know others who say they are an AE and pay NO social charges only Tax at 24% or there abouts (Nicholas as a CFE is 26.8%)... but it's the pros and cons of staying with the CFE system or/and getting some work from French people who wish to pay by Cheque Employi....?????????? is it worth Nicholas's time to do the Cheque Employi because they want to pay 11 euros per hour and on CFE he charges 18 euros per hour so which will earn more money in his pocket at the end of the day.... if more social tax comes off the 11 euros then it's not worth it...... and around and around we go..........

it's not just that the charges sociales are reduced as an AE but you don' t have to pay them upfront regardless of income - I've just paid 4000 euros for the last quarter - almost 50% rather than the 23% I used to pay as an AE ! Be warned, social cover for AEs is limited as it was never intended to be used for earning your main source of income.

Hi Chaps - my husband is currently with CFE (I'm AE) and we are looking at Cheque Employe for Nicholas as well - I have a question - we have been told he has an accident at work (he's a gardener) the cheque employe scheme covers him for sick pay - but could anyone say if he has an accident at work through CFE would he still get sick pay as he has a Social Security number etc. and he is in the system. Also is the only benefit of being a CFE/AE that you get reduced Social charges??

i tried moaning too but as my OH is french and has never lived in the uk she couldn't understand why i was moaning, years later you forget that things can be different!

Ahh yes, Dordogneshire :) I mentioned Calais as for most it's the route to the UK, a place i'm determined not to return to, so I've stopped complaining about stuff, I just moan to the wife now ;)

You're preaching to the converted Martin, I left the UK in 1989 and have now lived in France longer than any other country including the UK (dealing with Italians in Italy, Portuguese in Portugal and the Greeks in Greece - by far the worst) so have learned to adapt. I probably spent the first 10 years getting frustrated with bureaucracy but then learned to how to work with it - much less stress though I must emphasize, I don't give up. I am currently in a very long relationship with the RSI and we'll get there in the end, I usually do!

See this blog about my run in with les Impots

Love the way you say go to Calais - we always say go and live in Dordogneshire!

Dans le cas des travailleurs indépendants non-salariés, comme les professions libérales ou agricoles, la CSG est directement payée aux services de Sécurité sociale (Urssaf, RSI, etc.).
Il suffit donc de s’assurer que le montant de CSG déductible pré-imprimé sur la déclaration de revenus est exact.

You can here too, Tim, but in the mainstream regimes, the AE regime was never designed to be what it has become!