Is new lockdown looming?

French health minister recently gave very downbeat assessment saying the new variant was close to being out of control.
I despair when I hear some friends saying “the virus will burn itself out and I won’t be having a vaccination”.
If we have another autumn of lockdowns the population has only itself to blame!

Extract from today’s Times.
France scrambles to vaccinate with new wave looming
France recorded 18,000 new cases on Tuesday, up 140 per cent in a week.
Of those cases, 96 per cent involved people who were not vaccinated, Castex said. Only 46 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated. After a surge in bookings in the past week, the government is aiming to ensure that 50 million people have had a first injection by the end of next month. So far, nearly 38 million have had their first one.

Unfortunately due to their thought process it will continue for longer. The longer it continues the more chance of variations like delta et al so the whole sorry saga continues.
The only upside is reduction in the number of people on the planet as humans are the greatest threat to the planet.


Yes, lockdown pan European from September, after the hols.

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I just hope we can see our family from Munich as they are coming for three weeks in August.

Any chance of them travelling sooner?

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Why Are the going on holidays so important for people it destroyers the hole idea of lockdown and we have start over again


It’s not going on holiday that is important. It is seeing family members.

The last time we saw the youngest granddaughter in the flesh she was 5. She is now over 7. For a kid that age it’s a huge difference and despite skype she really has lost her tight connection to her grandfather. He can never get back those years, and she will never have those early memories.


It’s important for Macron and government for many reasons.
Keep the people pacified, denying the French their holidays is a big vote loser.
The economy needs to be active, Macron is a money man and is all he is interested in.
Denying holidays would provoke unrest and strikes etc.


Locking down regions that dont have the delta variant otherwise it will make little difference as it moves through the populations

For a moment I thought you must be talking about BJohnson :wink:

Am quite worried as we’ve been generally lightest infection rate in 46 throughout. Now dark red as the approaching hordes of infected holidaymakers advance up from the Coasts and the South.

Removing masks and especially social distancing as requirements before enough of the population has been vaccinated was not a good idea. Holidays and travel needed to give everyone a break and some Vitamin D probably needed to happen in the soft Western world to avoid civil unrest now or later. But distancing and hygiene measures should have been kept. Instead, the UK has just let rip and France has been forced to relax as well.


Well I think it applies to him too Stella !

I feel locked down today, instead of our usual after work swim in this heat we have to stay home as it is only a week tomorrow since I had my 2nd jab! I’m SO grateful I have that - lots of friends having a last swim at the pool yesterday as need scanning today. Some have had covid - but over 6 months ago but aren’t allowed to be vaccinated yet. Others were not able to get appointments. I’m probably dumb but it never occurred to me in our huge, outdoor, mainly quite empty comparatively, pool in a green area is also affected by the passe sanitaire.

I think M Macron is doing his best to keep folk alive… I am not so sure about BJ


Currently have booked to go there 1st week of August, will see if we make it !
Germany has an enforced registration system currently, with the only get out from quarantine being a EU-approved vaccination certificate and/or a negative antigen or PCR test, depending on which country you are coming from.
France is currently on the “risk zone” list for the Réunion and other islands where the beta variant is rife. However, if cases keep rising in mainland France, I can see us being put on Germany’s “red zone” list like the Netherlands and Portugal, for which a mandatory negative PCR test less than 24 hours seems to be required when entering Germany.

We came back from a trip to Cahors the other day and a quarter of the cars coming into Cahors as we left had Dutch or Belgian plates.

With a Presidential election looming he is very much into self-preservation.

Frankly can’t see what he is suggesting that will “help” his re-election. … in fact, I reckon quite the reverse.

Are there any reports of a “pingdemic” here as being reported in UK. Trains cancelled, reduced fresh food on the shelves and possibly reduced petrol supplies.
Hordes of Belgium and Dutch reg’ cars in 22…Nth Britrany

The Dutch and Belgians always come down here in July in order to vacation before the August rush. However, most of the Dutch people whom we know are second home owners who come down for the whole summer.

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