Is there no humanity in UK? Customs seize life giving drugs for a boy suffering life threatening seizures

I thought Theresa May had said that this boy would receive the cannabis oil that stops him having seizures.
Now I hear that he is back in hospital because customs have seized his supply being imported from Canada.
I am shocked and horrified that this could happen and have such potentially devastating consequences when there had been such a public outcry that this boy should continue to have his much needed treatment.
Yesterday Sir Christopher Chope put his own ideas on Private Members’ Bills before the need to do something to prevent perverts taking ‘photos up womens’ skirts.
I am totally ashamed of my country.
The email of Christopher Chope is if you would like to tell him what you think of his actions.

Odious little fart. He probably objected because he’s one of the perverts who does that type of thing…
He has form on this; he objected to a private members bill making it an offence to throw tenants out of rented accommodation - couldn’t possibly be connected to the fact he is a private landlord one presumes… could it?

I don’t know Mr Chope but to accuse him of such a thing is irresponsable. The fault is with government policy past and/or present which has made such an act illegal, hence the drugs seizure.
This little boy isn’t the only ‘victim’ of such an unjust law so hopefully public pressure will go some way to getting things changed.

very hard to make comment without seeing the actual story.

As for the taking pics of women’s knickers, they should be prosecuted as sex offenders and i believe that is what the new law is for. What ideas did he put forward first?

He didn’t “put any ideas forward” he just shouted “object” which is enough to stop it being debated since it was a private members’ bill put forward by a back-bencher.
He has form for this sort of thing, ghastly man, eg he did the same thing to a bill designed to make it an offence to attack police horses and dogs, sniffer dogs etc.


I think you may be confusing the two issues in Jane’s post Peter.
He has received wide spread condemnation for his action over the so called ‘upskirting’ proposals as indeed has this odious little man in respect of other private members bills.
Just goes to show how wrong the ‘awards’ system is for a tw*t like that to receive a knighthood…


as i say all the time they should be punished for their actions.

As far as im aware the bill for punishing these pervs is going through and its soon to be a sexual offence.?

Which you will never will as you do not listen to the news.
Theresa May stood up in the House and said that the Hone Office would do everything possible to see that this poor boy had his treatment within a month.
Of course, in that month his seizures would continue, but it is now longer than that and he is now desperately ill in hospital and too ill to be moved to Holland where he has no problem being treated.
Christopher Chope made no suggestions himself, he just objects because he feels that Private Member s’ Bills do not have sufficient time for debate, no matter what the subject.

No it will be presented again at some stage, time permitting, if someone shouts ‘object’ it will be chucked out again.

Appalling situation, terrible that no distinction should be made between therapeutic and recreational versions/use of substances. Poor poor boy.

Here is the link with the story, it’s astonishing that this little boy and his family are made to suffer.
Especially when the treatment has worked so well and his own doctor prescribed it in the past. Once more bonker’s ideas and no compassion !

No if you cannot be bothered to post the actual story with your post why should i bother to search for it?

Thank you @anon89172871 for posting the story.

It obviously says something about the voters of Christchurch who returned him to Parliament knowing of his pedantic behaviour on Private Members’ Bills, which often put rights which address minorities for which the Government cannot find time.

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the problem is its not just cannabis oil but contains a banned substance, hence all the drama and why the mum has to purchase it from oversees.

My cousin used oil also but purchased here.

Unfortunately THC is the part of the cannabis that creates the “High” It is in fact the on thing that stops the drug from becoming legal. I am not a cannabis fan but I am a firm believer that cannabis should be legalised or at least make it so the oils can be used for medical purposes but at the expense of the consumer unless its deemed a needed thing such as this little boys case.

The reason Chope objects to Private Members’ Bills is because he doesn’t believe laws should be passed unless they are properly debated. He kind of has a point. The real problem is parliamentary procedure. There should be time for all proposed laws to be debated and there would be time if they didn’t have so much holiday. Check this out.

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even etter if they didn’t have to debate unnecessary legislation like the withdrawal from the EU stuff…
Just stay in and save a fortune in both terms of time and money :smirk:


Looks like the cannabis oil has been returned to the boy.

Common sense has prevailed.

Just to put a bit of balance on the story, the boy’s mother declared to UK customs that the oil she was bringing in from Canada contained cannabis so customs had no choice but to confiscate it.

As for the ‘upskirting law’, the woman who first raised the issue doesn’t seem that bothered that Chope stopped the law going through this week as it is only a temporary setback, Chope on the other hand will now be expecting some serious grief for weeks and months to come.

Yep Tim. Looks like he chose the wrong bill to object to. Have you read about him? Seems he’s hard right and anti-everything. Likes his expenses claims as well.

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Just to put this guy’s raison detre into perspective…
Isn’t he the cretin who referred to Parliamentary staff as ‘servants’?
Gives you a good impression of what Tory politicians actually think of the electorate.